Weekend Wrap Up

My sugar high from Halloween has subsided and I’m looking forward to a low key weekend. Hoping to finally find some time to curl up and watch the new Joan Didion documentary, have you seen it yet?

A few more links of interest….

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  1. Not related to this post (although I am also dying to see the Joan Didion documentary) you recently (past month or so, I think) posted some tiles- white weathered opalescent glazed ones -Zellige – I went to their website but really wanted to see the pic you posted again. Obsessed with these as a kitchen backsplash! Can you tell me which post it was in? Thanks!

    Published on 11.3.17 · Reply
  2. JoanneW wrote:

    Not sure why the ID on my prior comment came out like that! I am jwolff34@aol.com

    Published on 11.3.17 · Reply
  3. was it the backsplash in my own kitchen? Those are white glass painted tiles, but not really weathered. Or was it the post on cement tiles?

    Published on 11.3.17 · Reply
  4. I just started listening to the Dirty John podcast & I can’t stop listening!! I love mystery podcasts!!! I’ve listened to Up & Vanished & Serial but I’m pretty new to the podcast world. I was wondering if you have any other suggestions?

    Published on 11.4.17 · Reply