Style Spotlight: Gold Coin Necklaces

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Of all the accessories, jewelry is by far the quickest and most accessible way to update any outfit. Catching my eye these days are all the chic gold coin necklaces I keep seeing (both in stores and on some of the best dressed people I know!) I just ordered this beauty for myself.

I also think these necklaces look so great both layered (love it with this!) or alone as a statement piece. There are so many different choices available – but I’ve narrowed it down to these favorites here today!

PS: Still loving all these jewelry pieces!

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Home Tour: New Orleans Greek Revival

new orleans traditional home tour

Today I’m sharing this gorgeous Greek Revival New Orleans home. In the late nineties, I fell in love with the residential architecture of this city. My husband and I were only in New Orleans for a brief, but memorable visit (during Mardi Gras no less!) I remember learning about the “haint blue” southern porch ceilings and instantly falling in love with the whole concept behind keeping the evil spirits away with pretty sky blue shades of paint.

I”m paraphrasing the “haint” tradition, (which you can see in the last photo here – on the ceiling of the front porch) but it really made quite an impression on me. I credit my living room, bedroom and hopefully soon, our back porch’s blue ceilings to this memorable trip to New Orleans. This charming home, with it’s lovely traditional style, instantly reminded me of this fun little fact.

PS: Another stunning New Orleans home.

Laurey Glenn Photography for Southern Living Magazine

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