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Hi! Happy Friday!

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Weekend Reading

This week was such a slog for me.

One by one it feels like every appliance is on the fritz (or fully broken) in our home!

It’s almost comical, but it’s also super inconvenient and expensive…

Anyway, enough whining – finding this week’s links provided a great distraction for me.

Hope you love them!

Have a great one!

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Eight Amazon Finds Professional Organizers Swear By

This post all about the Amazon finds professional organizers swear by, first appeared here on the blog, last summer.
If you’re like me and try to channel all your anxiety into the few things we can control, than these “organized home ideas” might speak to you.
inside of organzied pantry

Amazon Finds Professional Organizers Swear By:

I’m so thrilled to introduce you to Emily Maiocco the owner of Next Level Organizing.

I couldn’t have been more excited when she arrived with her team of professionals and whipped my laundry room into organized shape! (You can see an image of this from Emily’s Instagram below!)

Since then, Emily has helped me with so many organizational projects in my home.

For example, check out my organized pantry!

Which I why I’m such a fan of Emily and her business, which is truly Next Level!

So, before you go buy another shelving unit or storage rack, be sure to check out all of Emily’s favorite Amazon organization finds with us here today!

The best part is, they’re all SUPER easy to implement!

And now, here’s Emily-

As a professional organizer, I definitely have more of a minimalist mindset.
I really don’t buy things on a whim and I try to be thoughtful of the products I bring into my home as well as my clients’ homes.
As a result, I do my best to make sure the items are useful, are visually appealing and will stand the test of time.

inside laundry room cabinet, organized cleaning productsThese bins are such a great way to organize all your cleaning supplies.

The best Amazon finds to get your home organized:

Here’s a roundup of all my favorite Amazon organizing finds that we use in all our projects.
If you’ve been following me (here!) you probably know that my favorite tool is the Lazy Susan.
Firstly, we LOVE most Lazy Susans, but our favorites are the clear ones.
These are great for holding oils, vinegar, tea bags and spices in kitchen cabinets.
Likewise, they’re also great in bathroom closets for daily morning items like hair accessories, medicine or makeup organization.
We use them in playrooms for arts and crafts, under the kitchen sink for sponges, cleaners, etc. and just about any other room in the home you can think of.
Here are some of our favorites:

1. Lazy Susans:

acrylic lazy Susan turntable for pantry from AmazoniDesign Linus Turntable

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Dorm Room Decor and Essentials For College

Back by popular demand – all the dorm room decor and essentials your college student will need!
It might seem a little early, but now is the best time to tackle this list of dorm room and college living essentials.
For a number of reasons, you’ll want to tackle this project sooner than later, but right now about 90% of these items are currently on sale.

Door room decor and essentials for college.

Dorm life has come a long way from the plastic milk crates and wipe off memo boards that I remember from my own college life experience.

Although, I will say, most dorm rooms are still the same small spaces I remember.

I first posted this round up of door room decor, essentials and school supplies several years ago!

Before I even had kids in college, the original round up was done with the help of our former babysitter.

Now that I have my own college students, I’ve updated this post dramatically!

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