Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Friday!

shingle west hampton summer cabin

Weekend Notes

I’m exhausted!

Just back from Chicago, where I was getting my daughter all settled in to her second year of college.

Fingers crossed this year is more “normal” than last year.

Anyway, here’s this week’s links, sales, and whatnot….

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Five Great Looking Fall Coats

It’s that time of year to start thinking about some great looking fall coats.

More particularly a great lightweight fall jacket to transition into the cold weather ahead.

Stylish coats for the fall season – one of my favorite things to shop for.

So, today’s post is a quick round up of some of the best fall jackets I’ve recently come across.

Whether you’re looking for classic styles or a more casual look, these are the top picks for the fall days and cooler weather ahead.

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Beautiful kitchen cabinet hardware sources

What are some great beautiful kitchen cabinet hardware sources?

When searching for the proper kitchen cabinet hardware, it’s important to choose a design that will not only add function but look and feel beautiful against your kitchen cabinet fronts.

white kitchen with brass kitchen cabinet hardware

A cabinet pull and knob might sometimes be a last-minute thought when you’re busy designing or renovating your entire kitchen space.

However, kitchen cabinet hardware can easily make or break the overall style and look of your room. 

Sometimes it really is the little things in design which count the most.

So, today I’m sharing my favorite sources to buy kitchen cabinet hardware.

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