Favorite Purchases From June

These are my favorite purchases not just from June, but also May and April.

I don’t think I really shopped at all in March.

Just picking things up where I left off …

which seems like light years ago!


glass hurricane vase in kitchen is a favorite purchase from JuneCane Glass Hurricane


Favorite Purchases From June


It’s been a while since I’ve done a round up of favorite purchases.

So today I thought I’d highlight five of my latest favorites, not just from June – but really from as far back as April.

I did make a few key purchases during strict stay at home orders in March.

These consisted almost entirely of house cleaning items…

If you’re curious, my Roomba, my steam mop and this hand held dust buster vacuum (that I use everywhere!) are by far the best buys from this past spring.

But, I digress…

Back to the latest stand outs to date.

Starting with this pretty cane wrapped glass hurricane, seen above.

I love how it can be used as a vase, yet it looks equally chic as an actual hurricane candle holder.

In short, this is just a nice summery addition to any table or counter top.

If you love cane pieces like this, you can see more of my favorite picks here.


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