Weekend Wrap Up




Happy Friday! Happy Long Weekend too! 

I had an unexpectedly great week. It was my birthday on Wednesday. The weather was sunny and mild! Despite historically not liking my birthday at. all….I managed to celebrate it all day Wednesday right into Thursday.

I ate too much and connected with so many good friends. All in all, gotta say, I might be coming around to this whole “Birthday’s can be fun” idea! Better late than never I guess?

Now on to this week’s round up of links and things…

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How To Decorate A Large Blank Wall

 How To Decorate A Large Wall


How To Decorate A Large Wall


A large blank wall can make a room look so bland. So today I’m sharing a few ideas on decorating these larger, often hard to tackle walls.

The big blank wall you might be obsessing over can be a little intimidating. Trust me, I know.

It’s like you know the wall needs something… but you’re stuck as to what you should do. Often these larger walls take a little time to get right. 

Today I’m going to share with you some ideas on how to transform and decorate these big blank spaces.  I’ll show what has worked for me.

When it comes to a large, blank wall, you need a little creativity and sometimes a little elbow grease as well..


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Seven Chic Etsy Finds

best etsy finds for the homeCustom Built Grasscloth Wrapped Console Table


the best Etsy finds for the home


I find myself over on Etsy more and more theses days.

Now that we’ve begun working on our beach house renovation (see a full before tour here) I’m looking for a few pretty specific items.

Starting with a console table. I need one which will fit a specific wall size, so probably thinking custom.

Luckily, I’ve been saving the above image from Liven Up Design! I think this table is exactly what we need.

Once on Etsy, I couldn’t resist rounding up a few other fun, sort of beach house related, but not overtly so, finds.

Hope you enjoy this latest round up of Etsy favorites.

PS:  Even more great Etsy finds – and my forever favorites!

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