How To Pick The Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

I thought it might be very helpful to have all my favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Colors in one post.


 Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Colors



The Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Your Home


I know these paint color posts are very popular.

When picking the best paint color for your home, you don’t need to make yourself crazy with a zillion choices.

It can be SO helpful to quickly narrow down your paint color choices to a few tried and tested colors.

Not to mention time saving!

I’m here to offer you some great suggestions so you can do just that.

Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration and some fabulous new paint color favorites of your own.

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Weekend Wrap Up

summer weekend readingimage via


Happy Friday! Who doesn’t love a short week?!

Although, what is time anymore at this point?

Some days it’s hard to tell!

On the bright side, this weekend is actually a busy one for us.

My middle child “graduates” highs school on Saturday.

The class of 2020, my heart goes out to all of you.

On Sunday, my youngest turns 14.

So I guess time is still marching on, regardless…

We’ll be navigating all of these milestones in a way we’d never anticipated just a few short months ago.

Bittersweet. Yet, trying to be still be as festive and postive as possible around here!

And grateful…

Anyway…on a much lighter note, here’s a few fun links to take you into the weekend…


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