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Hi! Hope everyone’s doing OK!

To those of you who have messaged me they’re glad I’ve kept up the blog, saying this gives you a sense of normalcy, I promise you – writing this blog everyday probably helps me even more!

I’m pretty sure I’ve responded to everyone personally, but if for some reason I missed your email or DM…

Please know, honestly, I can’t thank you enough for your continued support!

Other than that, I’ve got very little to say about current events that hasn’t been said already.

So, I guess I’ll just get straight to the links which I’m hoping will bring you a little joy, a welcome distraction from the endless bleak news.




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Home Tour: Texas Eclectic Meets Farmhouse Fun



A fun little distraction today.

Hope you love this quirky Texas farmhouse with it’s eclectic style as much as I do.

It looks like SUCH a happy place!


Texas Eclectic Farmhouse Style




Texas Eclectic Farmhouse Style



How amazing is Bailey McCarthy’s Texas vacation home?!

Just like Bailey herself (and her main home – which I featured here last year) this charming Texas farmhouse is full of SO much character and fun!

If you’re not already familiar, Bailey is the owner of Biscuit Home (a beautiful Houston based luxury bedding and gift shop).

I’ve literally been following Bailey’s career from the start.

Speaking of following…Bailey’s Instagram stories are a very entertaining and bright spot of my online world right now!

Bailey, her husband and her two adorable kids are currently riding out these uncertain times at this very farm house.

Follow her antics and see a lot of the before and afters of this massive renovation project – you won’t be disappointed.

But, back to this fabulous Texas eclectic farmhouse. I love Bailey’s creative and fun style so much…

For this house, Bailey enlisted designer Miles Redd to help with the interiors.

Miles is one of my favorite designers, his work completely inspired our blue high gloss pantry (seen here).

So it was so cool to see Bailey’s own blue, glossy butler’s pantry ( see below!)

I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall when those two got together for design meetings…but I digress.

I also love the mix of high end designer pieces with more affordable options throughout this home- including so many from Miles line for Ballard Design.

It’s clear Bailey doesn’t shy away from bold design choices or mixing patterns.

The final effect is so inspiring!

Don’t you agree?


photos by Trevor Tondro for Architectural Digest


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Our High Gloss Blue Butler’s Pantry: Before and After


our high gloss blue bar / butler’s pantry


This post was originally from five years ago!

Since I still tend to get several questions about this space, I thought I’d dust it off and run it again today – along with several updates.

For starters, I want to be clear about the coral on the shelves which, as I’ve now learned could be pretty controversial.

To be clear, these are not actual real corals.

They’re all porcelain or plaster reproductions of coral! See these examples here.

Hopefully, many of you already assumed this.

However, I do end up having to explain this over and over, so I figured why not just put it out here.

To be honest, I thought these faux corals were pretty basic home decor items. Guess not?

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, on to the pantry itself!