Best White Paint for Trim and Baseboards in 2020

 So, what are the best white paint colors to use on your trim and baseboards ?

I always get a bunch of questions on this topic, excited to tackle it today!

Let’s get to it and choose a white paint for your trim and doors.

The best white paint colors for trim and baseboards - front foyer with white trim and baseboardswhite trim in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove Satin Impergo OC 17


The 3 best white paint colors to use for trim and baseboards:


What are the best white paint colors for trim and baseboards?

This is one of the most popular questions I get asked around here!
So today I’m sharing my top three favorite white paint colors to use on your trim and baseboards.
In other words, these are the best white paint colors for trim that we’ve used again and again.
Tried, true and tested!


White Paint Trim Color Number 1. Benjamin Moore’s White Dove OC 17

our living room with white painted trim in white dovewhite trim paint color here is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove Satin Impergo OC 17 – looks great with gray walls.

This is my go to personal preference for white trim paint.
It’s more of a softer white, with warm tones.
I also love this color for both walls and ceilings too.
I love using Benjamin Moore’s White Dove in the semi gloss finish. – This finish adds just a hint of sheen.
Adding the semi gloss gives the trim a bit of a subtle pop.
The gloss finish also makes dusting and cleaning/wiping up in general a whole lot easier.
Speaking of cleaning, when it comes to trim, baseboards and even our walls – I swear by these magic erasers to get out smudges and marks and random spots.
white dove paint sample
But I’m getting off topic here…back to White Dove-
I love how it looks every time we use it, and we’ve used it a lot!
This shade of white has some warmth to it, I think it’s one of the reasons why I love it so much.
You can see how this looks above in our foyer and again here in our living room.
It works great with both all white walls and with walls with colors too.
For more info on our living room wall color, see this post on gray paint colors.

Paint Trim Color Number 2. Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White OC 149



Chippendale stair railing painted white Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White OC 149



Here we used Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White on both the walls (in an eggshell finish) and on the trim (in the satin impergo finish.)

There’s nothing wrong with using the same color on both walls and trim!

Considered a cooler white, this color has a bluish undertone, and creates a very bright, white modern look.

I like to think of this as a very clean white, I’ve also heard it describes as a super white.


Benjamin Moore's Decorators White paint sample




Color Number 3. Benjamin Moore’s White OC-151


The best white paint colors for trim and baseboards - comparing paint samples on wallBenjamin Moore White Dove compared with Benjamin Moore White OC – 151



When we first moved to our house here in Connecticut, I was pretty sure I was going to use Benjamin Moore White Dove on our kitchen cabinets and also on all the trim work in our kitchen.

However, once I saw it up on the cabinets (as seen above) it didn’t look white enough for the space.

This might because our kitchen is north facing.

I had my heart set on more of true white shade of white paint.

That’s when I learned about Benjamin Moore White OC 151.

We chose this vibrant white, also simply known as Benjamin Moore White OC-151. I love how it looks in our kitchen.

Our third floor finished attic also got the OC-151 treatment!



white paint sample for trim and baseboardsBenjamin Moore White OC-151



In fact, we love it so much we just used it on almost every wall in our beach house renovation, including the trim!

Using the same color with a different sheen or high gloss finish on the trim is a great way to make a space look pulled together and modern.

White with white is my go to combo lately.

You’ll never regret this chic choice.

If you need more color in the room, you can always bring it in with carpet, art, accessories and so forth!



white kitchen close up of flowers on kitchen counterBenjamin Moore White OC – 151


What Finish Paint For Trim and Baseboards?

For your trim, baseboards, window panes, etc. you’ll want to choose a gloss paint.

There are varying degrees of gloss to choose from: satin, semi-gloss, gloss, and high gloss.

The most popular choice is semi-gloss.

If you’re unsure, you really can’t go wrong with a semi-gloss paint finish on your trim.

Regardless of what color trim you choose, a semi-gloss paint will allow your trim to stand out.

It also makes keeping it clean a bit easier.

The more you want your trim to “pop” the glossier paint you should choose.


White Paint For Trim and Baseboards

Why choose white?

Is there a bad color?

The top choices for trim are the three white paint colors mentioned above:

  • White Dove by Benjamin Moore
  • Decorators White by Benjamin Moore
  • White by Benjamin Moore

This holds true even if your walls are white.

However, you obviously do not have to choose a white color.

Is there a bad color?

The short answer is NO!

I’ve seen everything from white walls with contrasting high gloss black trim to bright yellow rooms with matching trim.

To further illustrate this point, I’ve included a photo of our powder room, with it’s black gloss trim,- seen below.


high gloss black trim on powder room door casing


Since the majority of our home’s trim is in fact painted white, I’ve dedicated this post on the three best white paint choices for trim.

But, I did want to mention, at the end of the day – the sky is of course the limit when it comes to paint choices (including morning sky blue!)



So, there you have it, the three best white colors for trim and baseboards.

Hope you found the perfect white for your crown molding, etc.

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I recently added another popular white, Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace to the site.


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I hope you found these white trim color examples helpful!

If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email or leave it in the comments below.

I always try my best to answer them.

For example…

If you’re wondering about satin finish vs. flat or eggshell, don’t miss which paint finish to choose in this post, just in case your wondering:)

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