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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our Home Decor

Today I’m tackling the top questions I get regarding my home.

Maybe these questions are something you’ve been wondering as well, as some of them are quite broad, while others are very specific.

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The top home interior design questions:

1. What material are you’re kitchen counter tops? Are they marble? How well will this wear over time?

ANSWER: Yes, the counter tops are marble. They’re white Statuario Altisimo marble and the edges are mitered (built up) to create a thicker visual look.

As a result, (I think) there are some chips and dings on some of the edges which does bother me a bit.

However, I don’t regret the decision to go with the marble.

At some point I plan on repairing the chips. I’m also trying to be a bit more careful when using heavy pots and pans.

There’s also some uneven staining from either lemon juice or vinegar.

This doesn’t bother me at all.

The short answer is yes, for an expensive finish they don’t wear as well as other stones or counter tops.

Because I love the look, I would choose it all over again!

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2. Who makes your faucet? What is the finish? Is it hard to maintain?

ANSWER: The faucet is by Barber Wilsons.

The finish is un-lacquered brass, which is a “living finish” – I think  this is just design speak for saying this thing will tarnish over time.

We spiff ours up from time to time with Bar Keepers Friend.

3. Your kitchen backsplash, what material is it?

ANSWER: It’s painted glass tiles in a chevron pattern.

You can find these at almost any tile store.

For more info, you can read more about our kitchen design and choices here – and find a full source list here.

And, here’s a comprehensive post about kitchen trends which will stand the test of time here, if you’re interested!


4. Where can I find the wallpaper in your blue and white bathroom?

ANSWER: This is by Quadrille Fabrics and the pattern is Sigourney.

It’s an absolute favorite of mine.

Because I love this brand SO much, there’s a whole post on Quadrille Fabrics here.

Also, you can read more about our blue and white bathroom and see the before and afters here.

5. LOVE the animal print carpet on your stairs, who makes this?

ANSWER: The carpet is by Stark, it’s Antelope Ax.

Ours is in the chocolate color way.

We have it on our back stairs and mudroom hallway.

Due to the design, its GREAT for hiding dirt.

Additionally, there’s a great looking similar, budget friendly option here!

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6. The paint color on the walls of your family room, please tell me what this is!?

ANSWER: It’s Benjamin Moore’s Calm. Also known as Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22. (did you know the O. C. stands for original color? H.C. stands for historical color? anyway….)

Benjamin Moore Calm is by far one of my favorite paint colors.

You can read more about my other paint color choices here and here.

Speaking about paint colors, I also have a great post all about choosing the right paint color for your ceiling here!

Hopefully, these answers are helpful.

To sum it all up, these are the top six questions.

However, please feel free to ask away in the comments if you have a different query!

Lastly, there’s an entire post all about WHITE TRIM PAINT COLORS here, since I get SO many questions about this as well!

UPDATE: There’s now a part TWO to these frequently asked questions with even more answers:)!

design cheat sheet for home decor projects

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  1. Nancy wrote:

    Love these! Word of caution on the Ballard rug – it’s beautiful but sheds like CRAZY – I had to return it or spend 24/7 vacuuming

    Published on 4.9.19 · Reply
  2. Kami wrote:

    Love your style!!!!


    Published on 10.31.18 · Reply
  3. Your Kitchen and family lounge look great! White is always a great color to enhance all the bold colors of the furniture. Great pictures!

    Published on 4.30.17 · Reply
  4. Unknown wrote:

    Your home is beautiful. When I saw the final picture, I thought for sure you were going to tell us the name of that unforgettable blue and ivory fabric on your wing chair. I dream of that fabric! Please share the name and make of that lovely textile.

    Published on 4.27.17 · Reply