An Interview With The Author Of Slightly South Of Simple

My blogging friend, Kristy Woodson Harvey is at it again! Kristy has just released her third book, Slightly South of Simple. I’ve just started reading my copy which Kristy was kind enough to send me and I’m already hooked!

Kristy writes about families and generations of Southern women. Since I know Kristy from the design blogging world (she blogs at Design Chic) I thought it would be fun to get to know Kristy a bit better, so I asked her a few questions in the hopes that Kristy would share some of her Southern style and personality here today.

Who is your favorite Interior Designer?
Kristy: I have SO many favorites, but I’ll go with Andrew Howard because I love his aesthetic, and he’s a really great person too.

What is your “go to” outfit?
Kristy: Black knit dress, tights and boots with opera-length pearls. Comfy and so easy! But so looking forward to spring dresses!  

What is your favorite flower?
Kristy: Hydrangeas, any color. 
What is your signature cocktail of choice?
Kristy: Forget the cocktail. Give me some champagne!
What is your greatest luxury?
Kristy: Free time… And really great shoes!
Do you have a favorite quote or words to live by? 
Kristy: My grandmother always says, “This too shall pass,” and
I love that. Sometimes it’s easy for little problems to feel big, and
this always helps me to put things into perspective.  
I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the life and style of this rising Southern author! Be sure to check out Slightly South Of Simple, and Kristy’s other two books, Dear Carolina and Lies and Other Acts Of Love.

PS: A few other books I’ve really enjoyed.

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  1. designchic wrote:

    I can't thank you enough for this wonderful interview. It means the world, Sue!

    Published on 4.25.17 · Reply