Blogger Home Tours: My Style Vita

This month’s blogger home tour is extra special for me. Not only is the lady behind the clever and stylish My Style Vita, a well known Atlanta based fashion and lifestyle blogger, but she’s also my cousin! What level of cousins we are, I’m not sure? If her Grandparents are my aunt and uncle and her mom is my first cousin, then that makes us….cousins! Right?

At any rate, I love keeping up with Jess. Growing up her parents lived about five minutes from my family and we were together all the time. Now that this whole section of the family is based in the south, it’s so fun to be able to see what Jess is up to through her fabulous blog, My Style Vita and her other social media outlets like Instagram (@mystylevita) and Snapchat (she’s mystylevita). Jess recently redesigned her site which makes it so easy to navigate all her different areas of expertise. So if you’re curious about any of the sources Jess used in her apartment, be sure to check them out under Interiors over on her blog.

Fresh and fun is how I would describe Jess’s home and her style is truly a reflection of who Jess is as a person. And speaking of fresh, fun ideas, be sure to also check out The Blog Societies that Jess co-founded here!

photos 1 and 2 by Morgan Blake, photos 7, 8, 9 by Kimberly Murray,  remaining photos by Jess Camerata
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  1. If you and her mom are first cousins, then Jess is your first cousin once removed. Such talent runs in your family! Thanks for sharing, Sue!

    Published on 2.29.16 · Reply
  2. Thanks so much for featuring my home! Can't wait to share more photos as the living room and kitchen look TOTALLY different now!

    xo Jessica

    Published on 2.29.16 · Reply
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    Published on 2.29.16 · Reply
  4. A perfect equilibrium between cozy and sleek.

    Published on 2.29.16 · Reply
  5. That's so sweet that you grew up together and now you both have super successful, stylish blogs! (none of my cousins are nearly that stylish!) And by the way, in case you wanted to know, she's your "first cousin-once removed"!!


    Published on 3.4.16 · Reply