Coming Soon…

Hi! Happy Thursday! I’m popping in today for a quick status update. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I’ll have a brand new zhush blog! Crossing fingers and toes this transition will be super smooth and all you’ll notice is a new look. Behind the scenes I’m switching things up with a new platform (and hopefully my old brain can handle it!)

Until then, I’ve put together a private Facebook page – called Zhush Design Secrets!  It’s different from the Facebook Zhush blog page, in that I’m hoping to create a community for like minded interior design enthusiasts. A place where you can share you favorite ideas and resources and also get answers to questions you might have. I get a lot of questions each week about design, I always try my best to answer them, but a community of design enthusiasts would ensure the best answers…don’t you think? Anyway, hope to see you over there!

And, please, please, please send me your feedback on the new site once it’s up! Thanks!!!

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  1. Published on 3.22.18 · Reply
  2. Can't wait to see the new look. I have thought about switching over to WP many times but I don't think my old brain can handle the change! Best wishes for a smooth transition!

    Published on 3.22.18 · Reply
  3. JJ Good wrote:

    Fingers crossed is right! I ditched FB until they can pull their act together.

    Published on 3.22.18 · Reply
  4. How exciting, Sue! Can't wait to see what fabulous things you have up your sleeve!

    Published on 3.22.18 · Reply
  5. Gray wrote:

    Can't wait to see the new blog, and wondering what platform you are switching to? I am getting ready to finally do my own, and am thinking about SquareSpace…

    Published on 3.22.18 · Reply
  6. Gray wrote:

    Ok, well the new set up is fabulous. Tell me everything.

    Published on 3.24.18 · Reply