Going Gray

This is a photo of our ski house kitchen,
I took it right before we closed on the unit in 2008.
{The moose head stools belonged to the former owners.}

For the past two ski seasons, I have been busily, happily fixing up the place.
To see more of this click here.

The final task is the kitchen.

The gray color in the stones
of the living room fireplace served as a
starting point for the kitchen renovation.

{This Pottery Barn lamp, is one of my favorite finds.}
Since the first floor has an open plan,
the color of the kitchen
has to work with the rest of the home.
Using the stone color as my guide,
I scoured the internet for some gray kitchen inspiration.
These kitchens are a lot more elaborate than our little efficiency kitchen.
However, this last one (which may be a butler’s pantry
to the white kitchen in the background)
illustrates how even a small space can look amazing.
Farrow and Ball Elephant’s Breath
will be the color for our new cabinets.
{It looks a bit pink here, but looks really great in person.}

The floors will be a dark, wide plank hardwood.
The appliances will be stainless steel.
The layout of the kitchen
will be unchanged, just the looks.
Something to look forward to
when the weather starts to get cold again,
since I still don’t ski!


Images via: ElementsofStyle;MarthaStewartviaAperfectgray;AtlantaHomesMagviaThingsThatInspire

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  1. Sue,

    After drooling over the master bedroom "after" and looking at these inspiration images….I just have one comment…hurry the hell up!


    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  2. You're speaking my language, gal! Can't wait to see the finished kitchen. Elephant's Breath is one of my favs. Lots of 'after' images, please!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  3. The inspirations pictures are fabulous!! And I with A & A, loved your after shots from before and I need to see more, please!!!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  4. pve design wrote:

    I am in hopes one day, we can buy a ski spot to hang our hats, gloves and skis. I have a file of inspirations, ideas and things that I would want in a ski home. I think it needs to be easy to maintain, and have sort of a "clubby" – 'Lounge" atmosphere all centered around "apres ski" (how do I add the accent?) I have my husband's le crueset orange fondue pot – and a modern day stainless electric one – so the entire place would be designed around that, lots of cheese, chocolate and hungry skiiers.

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  5. You have such an inspirational blog. I'll be back for after photos!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  6. Debby Lee wrote:

    Love that paint choice. Can't wait to see how it turns out. 🙂

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  7. Love the gray idea. And, I missed your other transformations the first time aroumd. They look awesome! I'd be the same way about skiing. I usually do a 1/2 day and finish up in the spa in time to meet everyone up for apres skiing!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  8. Elephant's breath, what an awesome name for paint. It's going to look so pretty !

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  9. can't wait to see it! i love the name of the paint and all the inspiration pictures you found. gorgeous!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  10. can't wait for this redo!! love the inspiration pics. and who'd not a sucker for a gray kitchenthese days??

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  11. who's not a sucker…not who'd. sorry.

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  12. hi! how fun for you to have such a great project to work on! i love grey too. i just painted my living room a soft light grey and the ceiling is a much darker grey and i LOVE it! isn't grey so warm of a color. rich too! thanks for your sweet comments and for stopping by my blog. i've had fun perusing your posts and i'll be back often!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  13. Staley Mc wrote:

    Love that color! The redo sounds like its going to be beautiful!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  14. Marija wrote:

    Our kitchen is grey – there are moments I love the cabinet and wall color and others when I seriously don't. It can read a bit pinky/lavendar and I'm just not into it when it's blistery/gloomy, sadly. But i also probably obsess about this much more than the average person 🙂 The color you chose is very warm and I'm excited to see your other choices. I want more details!! Marija

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  15. Great inspiration photo's!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE gray cabinets! I can't wait to see the after pics..

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  16. Joyce wrote:

    Love your choice of gray. I can't wait to see the final results. Who would think an elephant's breath could look so beautiful! xo

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  17. Love the idea of a grey kitchen. Can't wait to see the final product!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  18. paula wrote:

    love the inspiration. Gray is my favorite.

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  19. oh heavenly day this is going ot be soooo nice. Grey can be so warm and inviting… I can't wait to see the finished product!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  20. La Dolfina wrote:

    Incredible is all I have to say!! I was over at Cashon & Co. and your master bed. took my breath away!! Stunning!! It looks like your going to rock it again in the Kitchen… can't wait. You've got it going on girl!!
    If this is what your ski place looks like… when do we get to see where you live most of the year?

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  21. Is it done, is it done? Can't wait to see. That PB lamp is also one of my favorites! xo

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  22. I love your inspiration pictures. I bet its going to be stunning. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
    My new blog went up today and I am so excited. Stop by and check out my brand new and improved site daaaahling. I want to know what you think. I'm also doing a fab give away.
    *kisses* HH

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  23. Kathysue wrote:

    Wow!! I think you are headed in a great direction. It will be fun to see how it all turns out. I love what a little paint can do to a room, Have a wonderful Wednesday,Kathysue

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  24. The Zhush wrote:

    Awww, am totally having a blog/comment-Sally-Fields moment here! Thanks for all the great feedback! Loving it.

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  25. I am so amazed! It's going to be fantastic… you'll have to check out the comment I left with Kellie (cashon&co) I'd feel like a nerd repeating it. Let's just say I'm entirely smitten with your bedroom!! xo

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  26. This is my kind of post!! Love all the pictures! And that fireplace is FABULOUS (as I LOVE fireplaces)!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  27. Karena wrote:

    Great job my dear! Perfect choices for the mountains!!

    Art by Karena

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  28. LindsB wrote:

    you MUST post pictures of the kitchen when its done- its going to transform the whole place!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  29. The Buzz wrote:

    Nothing like going gray gracefully! Does Christopher Peacock have a gray kitchen?

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  30. That will be so fun to see the difference! Those are some good gray kitchens you found!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  31. Stephanie wrote:

    Love those kitchens, and Farrow and Ball! I am so glad you stopped by and left a comment today so that I could come here and find this page. I really like what I see and will definitely be back. I took a peek around – I see you are an Aux Delices fan too – isn't their orzo salad amazing? I make it at home quite a bit.

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  32. SUE! I think we would be fast friends in real life too. I would love to have a ski place, but I really don't like to ski – at all.
    (love gray in any shade!! can't wait to see the 'after.')

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  33. Stephanie wrote:

    Hi again. I am on Long Island, but my sister in law lives in Greenwich, and is the one who introduced us to A.D. I love Debra's cookbook, and I will often make that orzo for dinner, just adding in the pistachios at the last minute so they don't get soggy. If you don't have the cookbook, I really recommend it. I'm making dinner from there tonight!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  34. Kristin wrote:

    Gorgeous inspiration pics! Grey is one of my very favorite colors. : )

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  35. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen. Loving that first inspiration shot.

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  36. Joseph wrote:

    You have some interesting concepts. I have been designing a new kitchen and bathrooms for us for some time now and searching the Internet for ideas. I do have a leg up on most, though, because I'm a cabinetmaker, so I can do my own cabinetry, which is the heart of a bathroom. One of the things I have been finding, though, is that there are just a ton of ideas out there. And it kind of looks like you’re working on making some more ideas that are worth emulating. I will be most interested to see how it all turns out for you.

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  37. Oh, It's my dream to own a ski home! my boyfriend just got back from park city, utah and was raving about how great if felt to ski again.. I was so jealous. I saw your home's afters– wow! it looks great. I'm a big fan of the gray paint, too. very chic.
    XO fallon

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  38. The gray looks great! I love that color!

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  39. Debra wrote:

    Ohhh~can we please have a bloggers get-away weekend here? I'll bring the wine and sweet yummies. I'd happily sit and read magazines all weekend long.

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  40. We just painted Benjamin Moore's pashmina gray in our bedroom and love it. Now I'm very intrigued by your plans for the kitchen at your ski lodge. Can't wait to see the results.

    Published on 3.24.10 · Reply
  41. Love your ski home…can't wait to see the kitchen photos! I had to go back and look at your January post to catch up. I agree with your comment about taking risks in a home that is not a full-time residence. It is fun to do so and two homes with like decorating would be borin. Fabulous job you are doing…looking forward to seeing the finished project. We re-did our kitchen in our weekend home last summer and I'm thrilled with how it turned out…perhaps, I'll have to share.

    Published on 3.25.10 · Reply
  42. Oh I cant wait to see it. Love that color. Those pics are awesome, love the direction!

    Published on 3.25.10 · Reply
  43. Bring it on…can't wait to see it finished. There are so many shades of gray out there and I absolutely love the one you chose.


    Published on 3.25.10 · Reply
  44. Maki wrote:

    Aw I looooove all the photos you picked out – gorgeous!! I still remember when we closed on our condo, I couldn't stop thinking about the new paint or the tiles, etc. So much fun! Can't wait to see your after photos and new kitchen!

    p.s thanks so much for stopping by – stay in touch! 🙂

    Published on 3.25.10 · Reply
  45. Loving the Elephant's Breath swatch! It's going to look FABULOUS!

    Published on 3.25.10 · Reply
  46. I bet this is going to look amazing–can't wait to see!

    Published on 3.25.10 · Reply
  47. so far so good can't wait to see everything else you are gonna do!!

    Published on 3.25.10 · Reply
  48. It will be gorgeous! What a beautiful fireplace.

    Published on 3.25.10 · Reply
  49. what a stunning fireplace. I love the colour scheme you are going with. We have a smokey pallet in your bedroom thanks to some kelley hoppen ( not sure of the spelling) wallpaper and I really love it, it feels so plush and easy on the eyes. Our current look is very cream with colour accents throughout on a few feature walls. I am looking forward to getting the colour back in our lives when we move to AZ — I am thinking cool teals, hot pinks and deep blues with crisp whites. Not sure I can really live with all that colour, but the accents will be a nice change.

    Published on 4.8.10 · Reply