My Kitchen Dilemma

There’s nothing like being cooped up in your house for several days (thank you, Nemo) to make you want to re-consider the style and design of almost every aspect of your space. Above is a photo I snapped of my kitchen cabinets, while snowed in last Friday. Notice the painted blue bead board backs? I’ve also included the 2005 cover of Martha Stewart Living that inspired me to go blue with the cabinets in the first place (beyond crazy that I still have that!)  Now, seven years later…I think I’m over this look. Since we’re having the entire adjoining family room professionally painted next month (this room has not seen fresh paint in 12 years and the walls are literally crumbling) I thought now might be the perfect time to paint the back of the open cabinets 1.white 2. a soft blue gray 3. mirrors? 4. leave them alone. After staring at thousands of white kitchens on pinterest for the past few days to help speed this decision along…I’m really leaning towards the all white clean look. Since I’m clearly influenced by pretty kitchen photos…I’ve included my favorite “all white” kitchen images here. Please feel free to weigh in!

Images via: Style At Home BHG Houzz

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  1. Jeanne C. wrote:

    As much as I like an all white kitchen, I do like the idea of painting the backs of the cabinets a contrasting color. I've been toying with the idea of painting mine a pretty aqua – "Bali" from Benjamin Moore, which is the same color as my dining room walls. It's a really nice contrast to the all white and it looks REALLY pretty when you have a bowl of bright yellow lemons in the room – the pale aqua and the bright yellow colors play off one another. I've also seen an entirely white kitchen with the ceilings painted Benjamin Moore "Bali" – it's really pretty!!


    Published on 2.15.13 · Reply
  2. Not that you needed another vote but all white is stunning!

    Published on 2.13.13 · Reply
  3. Julie wrote:

    I'm all for the simplicity of going with a white interior. and isn't it so true that when you are stuck in a space for any prolonged period of time how you see things in a totally different perspective? Good luck!

    Published on 2.13.13 · Reply
  4. Nancy wrote:

    I say MIRROR the backs if possible! Adding more glass can only make it look larger and more sparkly! Anyone can paint it white, youre a decorator, go big!
    xo Nancy

    Published on 2.13.13 · Reply
  5. I think a mirror in the back would be lovely. I am an all white girl tho.

    Published on 2.13.13 · Reply
  6. Marianne wrote:

    I love the blue but go with white and you can insert paper in the back painted with any color of paint should you get bored with the white. To keep the paper in place I will use Blu-tac (I think it is called Fun-Tak in the USA) which leaves no reside, doesn't dry out and holds really well (you only need a small amount). You could even stick up some all white paper to help you decide if you reall want to get rid of the blue.

    Published on 2.13.13 · Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    🙂 if you 'really' cook…. white is not a good option…

    Published on 2.13.13 · Reply
  8. I would go with the gray, since it would compliment the gray veining in your marble countertop 🙂

    Published on 2.13.13 · Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    In your kitchen I would do the orange color of the fruit in the glass jar on your counter. In my kitchen, which is also all white with calacatta oro marble, I am removing the doors on my only upper cabinets and lining the sides and back with a patterned wallpaper, maybe a zebra print, in a dark plum color.

    Published on 2.13.13 · Reply
  10. Love love love all white….styling possibilities are endless!

    Published on 2.13.13 · Reply
  11. Love the traditional artwork with modern white. Pretty!

    Published on 2.12.13 · Reply
  12. I love the white. (I love the blue too, but I can see where you might get tired of it.)

    Published on 2.12.13 · Reply