One Room Challenge: Week Three

So here we are at week three in the One Room Challenge. A whole lot’s been happening around here, which is good since this is the halfway point. As you can see, the new brass faucet has arrived and it’s been installed. I’m thrilled with the way it looks. It’s even making the brownish stone counter top look better…but my heart’s still set on white.


I found a beautiful white marble remnant at a nearby stone showroom
(Stepping Stones Marble and Granite) and because its a remnant (not a
full slab) the price was far less than I had expected. The stone company came and measured and then took away the existing counter. Bye!

I met with a wallpaper installer. Even though I hadn’t decided on the
actual paper yet, I wanted a professional in there to measure and
get an accurate number of rolls needed. This way, once I picked a paper, I could easily check on “in stock” amounts before I placed the

This progress was all relatively easy, and then things got a little crazy…

As you know from last week, I had my heart set on this Martyn Lawrence Bullard print. Once the sample arrived from DecoratorsBest, it became clear that the print and colors were way too much to compete with the busy look of the existing wall tiles.
A few of you had mentioned that I could paint the tiles white as a way of dealing with them. I’d never heard of this before, so I consulted with a professional painter- he was dead set against this idea. The tiles are made of porous stone and there’s are a lot of different shapes and sizes involved. If I painted them there’d be no turning back if it didn’t look right and then I’d be forced to possibly pull them out. Since this is not in the time or money budget, I’m just going to work with the tiles.
That left my fall back option of ordering the gray grasscloth paper for the walls and having a shower curtain made with the MLB print that I love so much. I went ahead and placed the fabric order with Maddie G Designs, a consumer buying service for access to “to the trade only” products. The great thing about ordering with Maddie is that I could put in the order for the fabric and have her workroom do the shower curtain as well.
I was about to go ahead and order the grass cloth paper, but something in me decided to keep on looking – and of course, no sooner did I place the fabric order with Maddie that I found a fabulous wallpaper on Pinterest – Cole and Sons Palm print in gray and white! I rush order a sample from DecoratorsBest!
In love with the sample (below) I go ahead and place my order with DecoratorsBest (a sponsor of this challenge). It looks so promising and not too busy with the tiles. I think its the white background here that really saves it. At the last minute I decide that the gray grasscloth paper would look great on the ceiling! I love a papered ceiling. So I go ahead and order that too!
In a “stop the presses” moment of panic, I email Maddie to hold off on the Martin Lawrence Bullard fabric order and shower curtain production. I was too a tad too late as the fabric was already cut. I quickly come up with a NEW plan for the fabric. It’s going to be throw pillows for our bedroom’s sitting room! Only I could set out to re-do a bathroom in six weeks and end up with new pillows for our bedroom. Not gonna lie, pretty excited about the thought of these new designer throw pillows !
Now that the sink, counter and wallpaper decisions have all been nailed down, I need to focus on a new brass flush mount light, a new brass round mirror and some new brass hardware for the vanity. Above are the lighting options that I’m considering. I’m going to let price and availability decide the outcome here…but right now I’m really leaning towards option number three. I’ll be getting in touch with Maddie on this later today!
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  1. Emily wrote:

    Wow, you have faced some true designer challenge moments! And, I'm glad you did not opt to paint the tile. I have a friend who did that and it does not look good. Carry on Sue!

    Published on 10.21.15 · Reply
  2. Yay, I'm glad you chose the gray and white palm print for the walls!!
    Looking forward to more pictures next week.

    Published on 10.21.15 · Reply
  3. The gray palm paper is so pretty. And you can't go wrong with any of those lights. Will be excited to see which one you end up going with.

    Published on 10.21.15 · Reply
  4. Ivy Lane wrote:

    Love the brass faucet!! and the wallpaper is such a lovely choice! I like #3 or #6 for ceiling light!

    Can't wait to see what you picked!


    Published on 10.21.15 · Reply
  5. Love love the wallpaper and the grasscloth on the ceiling will be perfect. Oh and good thinking on a plan B for the fabric you had ordered!

    Published on 10.21.15 · Reply
  6. You are killing me! I think we are kindred spirits. I pulled a sample of that gray & white palm wallpaper from C&S for our powder room! Love that you are adding grasscloth too. I like fixtures 2, 3 and 4. Going to look amazing!!!


    Published on 10.21.15 · Reply
  7. Nice score with the new pillows! Loving option #3 also for lighting. (Also a big fan of #4).

    Published on 10.21.15 · Reply
  8. So many choices, so little time. I love working with Maddie G! Have a glass of wine, and relax. This is beautiful.

    Published on 10.22.15 · Reply
  9. I am so glad it all worked out with that fabric. I know how stressful this process is….and I think your choices are going to look fabulous. Thanks for the love!

    Published on 10.22.15 · Reply
  10. That wallpaper is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the marble.

    Published on 10.22.15 · Reply
  11. You sound like me…..I am all over the place with decisions…..changing everything on a whim:) This ORC gig is harder than people thing with the deadline looming ahead. Love the wallpaper choice by the way!

    Published on 10.22.15 · Reply
  12. I have flip flopped so much too! Always hard to do our own spaces. Love the wallpaper you landed on in the end and the grasscloth on the ceiling will look great as will the lovely brass faucet with your marble counter.

    Published on 10.22.15 · Reply