Our Florida Home: More Updates

corner of living room in our Florida home

Updates on our Florida vacation home


During the Thanksgiving Holiday, we took a quick trip and were able to get a few things done on our vacation home…here are a few pics of the slow but steady progress we are making in Florida.

While I’m itching to replace the drapes in the living room that came with our house, the fact that some of our living room furniture has arrived is making it easier for me not to focus on them too much.

I like how it’s starting to really come together in there. 

Keeping the green broadloom in the guest room that came with the house, proved not be be as challenging as I had first thought. 

I’m also loving the few little cozy areas that are really starting to take shape…even our landscaping is filling in (plants grow so much faster in Florida…it’s astonishing!)

bed in our Florida guest room
striped accent chair in Florida home
close up of couch console
vines growing on a wall

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  1. Looking good Sue!!

    Published on 12.23.12 · Reply
  2. Bromeliad wrote:

    Your place looks great. I am intrigued by the peek at the grey sofa, silver pillow and stump table. Not typical Florida.

    Published on 12.19.12 · Reply
  3. Love it all…..cannot wait to see the next round of updates and hope it was worth the wait!

    Published on 12.18.12 · Reply
  4. Thanks so much Resham! The bird is from Jonathan Adler:)

    Published on 12.18.12 · Reply
  5. Resham wrote:

    love the golden duck on your side table. Where is it from?

    Published on 12.18.12 · Reply
  6. oooh love the bedroom with the blue and green! looks so inviting and i want to steal those velvety green pillows!!

    Published on 12.18.12 · Reply
  7. pve design wrote:

    It looks very chic and I love how sophisticated your color palette is.
    Most would think Florida is all about bright acid colors.

    Published on 12.18.12 · Reply
  8. Hi Catherine, thanks so much…the rug is from Madeline Weinrib through abc carpet!:)

    Published on 12.18.12 · Reply
  9. Catherine wrote:

    Just discovered your blog and love it! Where is the blue and white carpet in the first picture from?

    Published on 12.18.12 · Reply