Our Magazine Feature: Behind The Scenes

This is our mudroom as it was shown in Cottages and Gardens magazine last month. 
Of all the rooms that were primped and styled for the shoot, this one is the most dramatically different from how it really looks every day. 
Shelter mags give us a voyeuristic glimpse inside other’s homes, but it’s also part fantasy. 
Just like models in a fashion spread are professionally dressed, made up, styled, and photo shopped…the same holds true for decor mags. 
We willingly suspend reality when we read magazines.
The day of the shoot, Lauren Muse of Muse Interiors, was here with two assistants, Ryan and Heather. 
There was the photographer, John Bessler, with one assistant. 
The stylist, Karin Lidbeck-Brent. 
And, then of course there was me, taking photos of the whole ordeal.
A staging area, this is our bar room, not part of the photo spread.
Getting the perfect shot, the equipment alone blew my mind!


No detail is too small…placing bubble wrap behind a pillow to prop it up.
This is our mudroom as it normally looks everyday, as shot by me.
{after I put everyone’s stuff away and cleaned it a bit!}

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  1. fantastic looking, and I love the lived in look much better than the stylist's take. Sue-hope to see more of YOURS and THEIRS! Gaye

    Published on 4.12.11 · Reply
  2. So fun to see behind the scenes!! Your mudroom is fab, even in real life haha

    Published on 4.12.11 · Reply
  3. I just love this space in your home. So useful and pretty!

    Published on 4.12.11 · Reply
  4. shopgirl wrote:

    This looks so exciting! I definitely like your mud room. Very organized, spacious and just perfect!

    Published on 4.12.11 · Reply
  5. Your 'Mud Room' is a dream….unstyled!!

    And how true your comments are about what we all buy into when we look at beautifully styled, photographed and photoshopped interiors!
    We know that all this is an absolute art in itself and to just get the composition of a shot right is no mean feat!!!

    It all looks so effortless…..BUT WE ALL KNOW BETTER don't we??
    Thank you!

    Published on 4.12.11 · Reply
  6. How cool to see the behind the scenes like this Sue!! Bubble wrap?? I would have never thought!
    Nancy xo

    Published on 4.12.11 · Reply