Progress Peeks: Our New House

Things are moving along design wise here at the new house, I’ll bring you all up to date (in case you might’ve missed it on Instagram).

Back in January, we were trying to figure out which direction to go with our front stair runner, after many different options (all seen here) and along with the help of Muse Interiors, we finally decided to go in a different route from the original selections and went with “Tacori” by Stark carpet (seen above and below).  We all love the way it looks (it even reminds us a little of our old front stair runner, which we also loved).

When we first moved in, I had every intention of just duplicating the styling of our living room coffee table from our old home. I loved how it looked-and all the furniture was the same…but, here in the new house since you can look down from the second floor and see the top of the coffee table quite clearly – the old styling looked all wrong from this new view. I think I finally got it right now.  Also, it’s amazing what a little pop of red can do for a room!
We opened our new pool for the very first time and were thrilled to see that it was in pretty good shape.  We’ve got our work cut out for us in the landscaping department, but we’ve started to make a little bit of progress…

Speaking of landscaping, I was thrilled to discover lilacs growing on the side of our house! I wasted no time getting these fragrant flowers into the powder room.

And, speaking of powder rooms…I found the sweetest Breton striped guest towels for the blue and white bath- and based on how much I love the pink against all these blues, I now know which direction to go with the terry cloth hand towels here: white towels with a bright pink monogram!

Finally, I played around with the furniture placement in my home office. Loving how the chairs and table look in front of the window. The light in here is so pretty, why not take full advantage of it?

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  1. Looking good Sue! You have made great progress, and I love the runner! Fabulous job.

    Published on 5.18.15 · Reply
  2. Such a gorgeous home – love all of the little touches you've added!

    Published on 5.18.15 · Reply
  3. Beautiful home! The blue and white powder room still makes me swoon and want my own 🙂 Enjoy your first summer in your new pool!!!

    Published on 5.18.15 · Reply
  4. Love every bit of it!! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see more!!

    Published on 5.18.15 · Reply
  5. diane wrote:

    All very pretty and isnt it nice when items from your past homes fit so nicely into your new home!

    Published on 5.18.15 · Reply
  6. love, love it!! Every single details is beautiful! I love your pool…and lucky girl with the lilacs!

    Published on 5.19.15 · Reply