Vintage Ad(man)

Happy Birthday to my Dad!
A bonafide “MadMan” from the real deal “MadMen” era…

Long before there was Don Draper,
back, when photo shop was where you took your film
and pointing and clicking was done with only a pen.
We all love to watch it now on TV,
But, Dad, you lived it!
Happy Birthday Dad, 
you are awesome!

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  1. Erin wrote:

    What a great tribute!! Happy birthday to your dad!

    Published on 2.11.10 · Reply
  2. Happy, Happy Birthday to your Dad. I hope you all have a great day. Such a cute post. You're really good at this! Are you liking it so far?

    Published on 2.11.10 · Reply
  3. Andy wrote:

    I so love Mad Men! Happy birthday to your dad!


    Published on 2.11.10 · Reply
  4. Debra wrote:

    Happy Birthday to your Dad~ eat lots of cake!
    The box set- that could be loads of fun!

    Published on 2.10.10 · Reply
  5. Marija wrote:

    Such a fun post! May I suggest the dvd box set as the perfect prez – my favorite gift to give the boys in my life these days (which, if I may claify, is limited to brother, husband, brother in law…!)

    Published on 2.10.10 · Reply
  6. pve design wrote:

    Oh what fun. I think all Dads deserve to live like Madmen.

    Published on 2.10.10 · Reply
  7. Steven wrote:

    He was the original MadMan, and I was the one who drove him there. 😉

    Happy Birthday Pop!

    Published on 2.10.10 · Reply
  8. hai happy new year, nice to meet u, u hv a great blog here 😉

    Published on 2.10.10 · Reply