We sold our beach house….and

sold our beach houseour former beach house in Rhode Island


We sold our beach house!



We sold our beach house and we bought a new one!

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind…but I wanted to bring you up to speed with what’s going on with our beach house in Rhode Island.

Some of you already guessed this, after seeing a “familiar looking listing.”

I received a few curious DMs and emails and you were right! And, some of you might think we’re crazy….we might be!

We didn’t undertake the beach house as a true flip project. However, we did have a feeling we might want to move locations in a few years.

Long story short, we saw a listing for a beautiful home which is walking distance to the beach..and we jumped on it. 

The real estate agent’s mantra of “location, location, location” really rings true in this case.

We listed our house and it sold in days!

Not surprisingly, our Rhode Island real estate agent loves us…

So here we are, with a new home decor project on our hands. I’m SO excited!


we Sold our beach house


Below are a couple of photos from the listing to get a sense of the house. It’s got a lot of charm!



Sold our beach house


beach house


We’re planning on doing a little bit of work.

  1. For starters we’re stripping and re-staining the floors a light, gray color.
  2. We’re changing out the kitchen counters.
  3. We’re also painting the walls white using Benjamin Moore’s OC 151. This is the same one we used in the other beach house.
  4. We’re going to update the two guest bathrooms with fresh wallpaper and new flooring.
  5. Then we’ll also update the master bedroom with new wallpaper as well.


That’s really it…for now!

Eventually, we want to open up the more formal floor plan with something more in line with how we live.

The idea is to live in it and with it as is for a while to see what works and what doesn’t fit our lifestyle.

I’m guessing the formal dining room will be opened up, but you never know!

In fact, we already started the work!

Here’s a few photos I took on my phone last week of the floors – we chose the lightest light gray sample.

I also had to snap some of the architectural details of this house, love them so much.




 beach house









So that’s our big news. Another project. I hope you’ll follow along with this project here and on Instagram stories.

And, of course your insights and ideas are always encouraged and welcomed!