You Cand Find Me In The Club, Bottle Full Of Bub….

it’s my birthday.

I am feeling quite nostalgic.

Looking at images of design and fashion from the decade I was born.
The Sixties

 Good to know that I am younger than this Terrence Conran Habitat chair.

 And, one of the first Super Models, Twiggy.

Once I started this trip down memory lane, I couldn’t stop!  I started to look up design and fashion elements from The Seventies.

These photos really take me back, to a time when Levi’s were sold at the Gap.
“Fall into the Gap!”
and Thom McAns! 
Love’s Baby Soft!
  Even though this ad is disturbing on so many different levels, I had to include it.  It was my first perfume, and I wore copious amounts of it everyday.  
Then, I found these, on  There was so much to choose from….I couldn’t pick just one.  But for me, these two really sum up seventies interiors quite nicely.
(that phone! the colors! the hairstyles!)
Which naturally brought me to The Eighties.

 All that Aztec style stuff, and mauve, green and gray….blech!
As for fashion and style, for me, in the eighties (or at least the early eighties)
it was all about HER!

Moving right along to the Nineties…

I really just wanted Monica’s apartment,
and, Rachel’s hair!

In Manhattan, kate spade came on the scene.  I used to tote around my original kate spade
black nylon boxy square bag…I still have it (somewhere). 

and, it seemed these things were everywhere…..

And now, the oughts, the oughties, the preceding ten years (still not sure what to call it)

say what you will, they have had a HUGE influence on fashion
(and I kinda like them)

Of course, it seems a little too soon to know for sure what will really depict these times as far as interiors goes…but I thought the above photos were a good start.  

When I first had the idea for this post, I thought I would be depicting beautiful rooms and interiors through the decades.  But, after looking at some of the truly greats, (David Hicks, Sister Parish, Mark Hampton), to name a few, what became clear to me, was that a truly lovely interior stands the test of time. It’s hard to know for sure when in fact it was “done”.  Perusing these fabulous images, it was hard to know (without the text)  what decade they were designed in.  I guess that is what truly defines a classic, it is timeless.  And, when it comes to design and style…isn’t that what we are all looking for?

So, there you go.  Happy Birthday to me.
{vintage 1967}


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  1. I just had to comment..Love's Baby Soft?!! It was my first perfume too and everybody wore it!!! It was so popular and I haven't thought about it in years (maybe decades!!) thanks for the reminder…I wonder if they still make it…I would love to get a whiff of it one more time!

    Published on 1.16.10 · Reply
  2. What a wonderful post! I loved the time travel—from Baby Soft to MK Olsen—what a trip! Happy Birthday to you!!!
    XX Kate

    Published on 1.18.10 · Reply