Closet Organizing Ideas

The more chaotic life gets, the more I turn to cleaning and organizing.
If this sounds up your ally, I’ve got a few closet organizing ideas to share with you today…
closet organization ideas

Closet Organizing Ideas


Sharing my favorite closet organizing ideas and tips today.

For many people, taking the time to organize their homes is a form of self-care.

Having a place for everything can give you a sense of control.

A neat and tidy space can be a great way to feel more centered. 

Organizing helps me deal with all different types of chaos.

Keeping your closet neat and organized is also a great way to increase your productivity, streamline your home, and keep track of those items which often tend to get lost in the shuffle.

Organizing your home is a major undertaking that takes planning and strategy, and nowhere is this more clear than when you are organizing your closet.

There are dozens of approaches you can take to keeping your closet orderly but they all require an evaluation of your space and a plan of attack.

By following these organization ideas, you’ll be able to come up with a system that accommodates all of your belongings and also works for your unique space.


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Library Of Favorite Design Books


I had the idea of creating a one stop page of my favorite design books for a while now.

With a little extra time on my hands this weekend I was able to come up with this “virtual library”-


Library of Favorite Design Books


Library of Favorite Design Books


Over the weekend I started to read some more of my older book reviews through the years.

Instead of re-publishing my favorites (like I did last week) I decided to create a virtual design book library of favorites here for you to peruse and enjoy!

Hope you like it!

PS: Seven super chic coffee table books for your home.

PPS: This beautiful brand new book is next on my review “to do” list!


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Studio McGee’s Collection For Target

Popping in here today with a rare Saturday post to let you know about Studio McGee’s new collection for Target.

It drops today!


A room with Studio McGee's Collection For Target


Studio McGee’s Collection For Target


As you guys know, I’m a HUGE Studio McGee fan

I love to check out both Shea’s portfolio and their store, McGee and Co. for beautifully curated home decor finds.

So of course I’m thrilled to hear about this new collaboration between Shea McGee and Target’s Threshold line!

Studio McGee’s collection for Target has the same chic style she’s famous for.

Shea’s great sense of design is evident though out each piece, only at much more accessible prices.

Speaking of accessible, despite everything going on – the feeling in the design blog world, is these pieces are going to sell out quickly.

Have a look at this genius new line and let me know if you agree!


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