Beautiful kitchen cabinet hardware sources

What are some great beautiful kitchen cabinet hardware sources?

When searching for the proper kitchen cabinet hardware, it’s important to choose a design that will not only add function but look and feel beautiful against your kitchen cabinet fronts.

white kitchen with brass kitchen cabinet hardware

A cabinet pull and knob might sometimes be a last-minute thought when you’re busy designing or renovating your entire kitchen space.

However, kitchen cabinet hardware can easily make or break the overall style and look of your room. 

Sometimes it really is the little things in design which count the most.

So, today I’m sharing my favorite sources to buy kitchen cabinet hardware.

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Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray – Why It’s a Top Wall Paint Color.

Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray is another great neutral wall color.

We have this pretty paint color in our sitting room off of our bedroom.

This post first appeared here last year, but…

I just featured this room on my Instagram Story last week, and got several questions on this color.

So I thought I’d re-post this here today, along with my freshly zhushed bookcase (the reason for the Instagram Story) – I also added a bit more relevant info here too.

Edgecomb gray walls and bookcase

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

It’s safe to say this another favorite paint color, I love Edgecomb Gray.

I would absolutely use Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray again in the future.

The photos I’m including here today are all from our sitting area, right off of our master bedroom.

It’s a tricky spot to photograph, because there’s very little natural light in this cozy space.

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