Kitchen Pendant Lighting Tips You Need To Know

Talking all about kitchen pendant lighting tips today!

Because, if you want to give your kitchen a fresh, new look, you should consider your light fixtures.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting TipsOur kitchen pendants with glass shades, see more of our kitchen here



Kitchen Pendant Lighting Tips


There are dozens, if not hundreds of options for hanging lights in your kitchen.

However, if you’re looking for a timeless, classic look – pendant lights are the way to go.

Pendant kitchen lights are a fantastic way to add some additional design to your kitchen, not to mention some extra light.

You can add these fixtures to your kitchen right along with your existing ceiling lights, even if they’re recessed lights, it’s fine.

Whatever your personal aesthetic might be, pendant lights are the perfect solution.

With this in mind, here’s what you need to know about them.


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Flower Pots and Outdoor Planters

Sharing my top picks for flower pots and outdoor planters today.

There’s so many great deals and sales going on right now…

Might as well take advantage and score some beautiful new additions to your outdoor set up!

Flower Pots and Outdoor Planters

Last summer we decided to do a little back yard zhushing and added a few new flower pots and planters to our patio and pool area.

It’s amazing what just a few little tweaks can do for an outdoor space.

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Clever Home Storage Solutions For Every Room In Your House

I came up with this post on clever home storage solutions over the weekend.

Because, like many of you – I’ve been on a cleaning and organizing tear these last few weeks.

Hope you find these ideas helpful!

laundry room with clever home storage solutions, baskets on shelves for cleanerswater hyacinth bin storage and bin clip on labels on our laundry room shelves see original post here

Clever Home Storage Solutions

No matter what size your home is, chances are that you struggle to find storage space for all of your possessions.

The trick is to find unique spaces in your home that can be utilized effectively for storage around your house.

The key part is not to infringe on the actual living space you need to be comfortable in.

Of course there are endless ways you can maximize the amount of space available in your home for storage, but today I’m sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks!

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