The Best Crossbody Bags 2023

Who doesn’t love the ease and comfort of a crossbody bag?

The selection these days is amazing, so today I’ve narrowed down some of the best and prettiest I’ve seen…

This post on the best crossbody bags first appeared here last year, but I’ve gone ahead and updated the picks to reflect this year’s top choices.

zimmerman crossbody bag
Sadly this Zimmerman heart bag is sold out, but I’ve found similar styles here and here.

The best crossbody bags

Talking all about my favorite handbags today – crossbody bags!

Not only are these handbags so stylish, but they’re so practical too!

Crossbody bags allow you to be hands free and are also pretty secure.

Be sure to scroll through to the bottom of this post to see the adjustable shoulder strap you can add to your favorite bag or tote and turn it into a crossbody purse.

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Best Greige Paint Colors To Use In Your Home

My recent post on the best paint colors for your living room sparked a few reader emails.

Since they all related to questions on the best greige paint colors for your home, I thought I’d address it in a post here today!

Whether you think of these as warm gray paint colors or like I do, simply as greige warm tones – I know you’re going to love this round up.

living room corner with greige walls
Our current living room with Cape Hatteras Sand on the walls.

Best Greige Paint Colors

So, here are the most popular greige paint colors which I’ve personally used and loved in my own home.

Plus a few bonus colors which I had to include as their on my list of gorgeous warm shades to try one day.

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