How to Perfectly Style the Blank Wall Behind Your Sofa

What should I hang on the blank wall behind the sofa?


how to perfectly style the blank wall behind your sofa example with grid art hung above sofa

How to Perfectly Style the Blank Wall Behind The Sofa


“The blank wall behind my couch” is the subject line of so many emails.

Whether the question is “what should I hang” or “how high do we hang it” today we’re going to address it all.

The wall behind the sofa is a major focal point in most rooms.

Because of this, many people find searching for the right piece or pieces to hang above the sofa, somewhat intimidating.

“I’m afraid of making an expensive mistake,” is what I hear the most.

This doesn’t have to be a tough design decision.

In fact, if you follow these suggestions below, I’m sure you’ll not only find something great, but you’ll enjoy the process as well.


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Easy Italian Summer Pasta Salad

Couldn’t resist posting this delicious, easy Italian summer pasta salad recipe today!

Hope you enjoy!

Easy Italian Summer Pasta Salad Recipe


Easy Italian Summer Pasta Salad Recipe


Last week I was unlucky enough to undergo an emergency root canal. Womp womp.

What does this have to do with pasta salad?

Well, this classic Italian pasta salad was pretty much all I could eat.

Luckily it’s delicious!

Perfect for these hot summer days, this cold pasta dish is super light and can even easily be altered to be a vegetarian pasta dish as well.


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Five Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Style

What are some easy ways to refresh your bedroom style?
Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Stylephotos via @zhush

Five Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Style:


Today I’m sharing a few time tested tips and easy ideas to elevate and refresh your bedroom decor style.
You don’t need to over complicate it. That’s why these five easy ways to refresh your bedroom style are key!
Like most decor related concepts, keep it simple!

1. When it comes to bedroom style, less is more.


Try to limit any and all clutter.

Start by clearing out everything and then edit your accessories to the bare minimum.

Nightstands with drawers (I just ordered these for our beach house) are your friend.

You can see a whole round up of my favorite night stands and bedside tables here.

In a pinch, under bed baskets and decorative boxes are a great way to store away items.


2. Fresh greenery.


Whether it’s fresh flowers or a little easy to maintain succulent plant, a dose of greenery in the bedroom is a lovely thing to wake up to.

It also gives the space a clean, soothing vibe.

Bonus points because fresh plants actually clean the air you breathe!


3. Go with solid, neutral colors.

One neutral color palette in the bedroom is an easy way to give the room a light, open and airy feeling.
I tend to love grass cloth wallpapers and I’m super partial to all white bedding.

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