10 Great Books To Read This Year

This populuar list of great books to read list first appeared here in 2018.

If you’re like me and don’t always need to read the latest, newest book – prefer just a solid, good page turner, this list is for you!




Last week on Instagram (to be exact, on this post)  I asked for some great book suggestions for our upcoming trip to Florida.
I got a fantastic response!
Several people asked me to post the book list, but it was so long ( I also got DMs, tweets, email and texts- a sure sign of a very enthusiastic group of book lovers!)
So, instead I consolidated the list down to the top ten.
Thinking you could always just check the Instagram comments if you were curious about the rest. 
The overall consensus was The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah.
Everyone who read this book was so passionate about it I had to pick it for myself.
Have you read it yet? 
I’m sure I’ll be making my way down the rest of this list well into the summer!
I’ve only read  Atonement, from the list of books suggested. 
I might also get the Audible audio books app, a few people raved about this as well.
Thanks so much to everyone who helped me compile this!


The Top Ten

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  1. Michelle wrote:

    The Nightingale was phenomenal, and the audiobook narrator helped rather than hindered the story. I will add to your list The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan and When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanathi.

    Published on 2.16.18 · Reply
  2. Mary L wrote:

    A Gentleman in Moscow is one of my all time favorite books. His writing is a joy! Also, loved The Nightingale and Lilac Girls. Ill check out thsex other recs as I am always looking for my next read.

    Published on 2.15.18 · Reply
  3. OK, I'm on it !
    I read books every night before falling asleep. It's my therapy to calm down and settle into bed.
    So happy you posted this. I've tried to get into Gentleman from Moscow, and didn't make it, but now i WILL. xx's

    Published on 2.15.18 · Reply
    • Based on the tip above I'm going to give audible a try for that book. Loved Amor's other book, The Rules Of Civility, have you read that one!? xx

      Published on 2.15.18 · Reply
  4. Please listen to the Audible selection of A Gentleman in Moscow. The narration by Nicholas Guy Smith is very special!

    Published on 2.15.18 · Reply
    • Great! Thanks for the tip, I will!

      Published on 2.15.18 · Reply
    • Anonymous wrote:

      I listened to A Gentleman in Moscow on audible too…loved it!

      Published on 2.20.18 · Reply