Artificial vs. Real Christmas Trees?

It’s that time of year when many of us start thinking about a Christmas tree.

After years of debating real and fake Christmas trees, we’ve made some solid observations.

If you too, are in this artificial vs. real Christmas tree dilemma right now, today’s post is for you!


large pre lit artiificial Christmas tree


Artificial Christmas Trees vs. Real Christmas Trees – Pros and Cons



The holiday season is almost here!

Which means some holiday decor decisions are quickly coming up as well.

Year after year, the major question that dominates the Christmas-celebrating world is whether or not to get a real Christmas tree.

There are endless reasons to consider both options, but to make things easier, we’ve outlined the major pros and cons of both of artificial vs. real Christmas trees for you below.


close up of artificial pre lit Christmas tree branches


Real Christmas Tree Pros and Cons

There are quite a few pros that come with purchasing a real Christmas tree.

Typically, an annual excursion to a local Christmas tree farm is a much loved family tradition.

A fun outing, especially for small children, in order to find the perfect tree.

By supporting local businesses and tree farmers, you’re stimulating the economy, it’s also likely that you’ll find other holiday decor accessories where you find your tree.

For many people, this event heralds the holiday season and is connected with fun family memories.

Finally, natural trees (like a Balsam Fir) tend to enhance all the surrounding decor as a mark of real authenticity and enthusiasm for the holiday season.


Real Christmas trees harvested from farm


Of course, real Christmas trees have some draw backs as well.

They come with a few inconveniences.

First of all, the actual purchase and transport of the tree is a lot of effort and can be difficult.

The upkeep of a real tree is more intense, as it requires water to stay alive and will shed needles as time goes on.

It’s also obviously more expensive, as you will need to purchase a live Christmas tree annually, rather than only once.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association (the official trade organization for the natural Christmas tree industry) the average price for a natural Christmas tree was $78. last year – a 4% increase from the year before.

Finally, real Christmas trees do come with a few negative environmental impacts, especially if you don’t live anywhere near where trees are grown.

Because, the most environmentally friendly trees are the ones purchased locally and then recycled after the holiday for mulch.






Artificial Christmas Trees Pros and Cons


Artificial trees (or as some call them, plastic trees) are easier to put up and decorate, as well as being very low maintenance!

It’s a simple procedure to assemble and decorate an artificial tree, and it’s equally simple to place it in storage until the next year.

This serves as a double benefit, as you’ll save money on your annual decor and be able to skip over the difficulty of moving a large tree into your home every year.

Artificial trees are more customizable, so you can choose one that aligns with your personal aesthetic.

Some fake Christmas trees even come pre-lit, so you won’t have to mess around with Christmas lights.

If you hold on to your artificial tree for more than five years, it’s considered to be eco friendly as well.

Of course, artificial trees aren’t always considered to be as festive as real trees.

They don’t have the “Christmas tree smell” and they sometimes don’t look as nice as real trees.


Artificial vs. Real Christmas Tree conclusion


For us, we finally decided to go with an artificial tree a few years ago and never looked back!

It’s maintenance free and SO easy to set up!

I don’t miss the constant watering and worry as well as the constant pine needles (and even tree sap) getting all over.

And, when Christmas is over, it’s SO easy to take down and store again until next year.

As far as the drawbacks, this is how we deal with them.

We always make sure to have a few of these candles burning around the holidays – while not exact, they do manage to smell pretty close to the real thing!

In addition, we still visit our local nursery with our kids.

It’s an annual tradition even though we aren’t buying a tree.

We usually end up purchasing a least one new ornament to commemorate the visit.


Holiday candle which smells the most like a real Christmas treeFrasier Fir Candle


If you do opt for an artificial tree, I’ve rounded up a few great options below.

You might find (just like we did) the perfect Christmas tree is different than you originally thought it would be.


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