Renovation Ideas For An Old Home

If you’re looking for some great renovation ideas for an old home, you’ve come to the right place!
round mirror over antique chest of drawer in renovated old home

Renovation Ideas For An Old Home

I’m not sure when I first discovered Erin Kestenbaum’s blog, but it was probably her fabulous Instagram account that first led me there.

Once I realized Erin and her husband were restoring a charming 1940’s colonial in nearby Rowayton, Connecticut (my favorite coastal town in the whole state!) I was hooked.

Since Erin’s home is older than 50 years, it’s actually considered a historic house (not just “old.”)

Something I just learned recently.

In order for a house to be classified as an antique, it must be at least 100 years old.

Erin’s home is getting close to antique status!

Let’ get into some of these renovation ideas for an old home –

So thrilled Erin agreed to share some of her home decor projects here today.

Be sure to stop by her blog to see more home remodeling ideas.

corner of bedroom in renvoted old home with chest of drawers, rug and art
framed antique oil painting over chest of drawers
I don’t know what I love more here.
The antique gold frame oil painting of the ocean or the white campaign dresser!
mid century modern dining room
Mixing design styles from different time periods is one of the best renovation ideas for an old home – or any home really.
The dining room shows Erin’s love of mid-century pieces.
They all look right at home in this historic colonial, which shows when it comes to decor, you don’t have to stick to your home’s dated time period.
Even the older light fixture medallion on the ceiling looks perfect here.
This article on “how to pick the best ceiling paint”has a lot more great related tips.
peach color club chair with white fur throw pillow
living room furniture layout
Erin’s use of more modern furniture throughout her historic home, creates a great looking juxtaposition.
I especially love this brass and marble coffee table in her living room.
gallery wall on ledge in living room
Erin and her husband had to replace all of the windows and doors.
This is not unusual for an old home renovation.
black painted walls of powder room
So much more visually appealing than the typical tile backsplash.
interior shot of painted black front door with red runner
The original wood flooring throughout Erin’s home is so beautiful.
Salvaging materials is a great way to save money on your home renovation project.

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  1. Very pretty, with strategic pops of color on an otherwise-restrained palette.

    Published on 2.22.17 · Reply