How To Pick The Best Ceiling Paint

 best ceiling paint


How To Pick The Best Ceiling Paint


What color should I paint the ceiling?

Since I’ve been getting this question quite frequently, I thought I’d address it here today!

Choosing the right ceiling paint color can be tricky. In the home improvement world, this topic doesn’t seem to get discussed enough.

But since I often get so many questions about ceiling paint colors, I’m more than happy to write about them here today.

When I picked the colors for our ceilings in my home, I looked at probably hundreds of photos to find the best ceiling paint for the different rooms in my house.

It was overwhelming how many choices there were!

I’m here to tell you you don’t need to look at a lot of different options and you don’t need to make yourself crazy over this.

So many of the questions I receive are concerns over wall paint colors. The next thing people want to know is “what color should we paint the ceiling?”



Is white the best ceiling paint color?


Personally, I think  a white ceiling is never a bad look.

So, the easiest answer is to go ahead and paint the ceiling white.

It should be in the same shade of white as the trim and walls.

I’ve written before about my top white paint colors for walls.

I prefer to see a flat finish white latex paint on the ceiling with a semi gloss finish on the trim, to set them apart just a little bit.

My personal “go to” wall and ceiling color is Benjamin’s Moore’s Decorator’s White. In fact, we tend to use this popular color quite a lot.


best ceiling paint


Which is the best finish for ceiling paint?


The way the light hits your ceiling will create the illusion that the white you chose for the ceiling is a bit different.

In the example above we went with a flat finish in Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White.

This coordinated nicely with the gray paint in this room, which is Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist.

You can find out more about my favorite gray paint choices with examples in this post.

So, you should opt for a flat finish (which is sometimes called a matte finish) or an egg shell finish. In other words, the least glossy finish is best for most ceilings.

Sometimes, in a smaller space, you can opt for a very high gloss ceiling.

We’ve done it in our powder room and it looks great. A little ceiling drama can really lend itself to the overall style of a space.


white ceiling paint


How to choose the best ceiling paint color for your room.


But, maybe you don’t want to go with white.

If you’re looking to paint your ceiling a color to make it really pop, I’m very partial to a light blue ceiling. Or, as it’s known in the south, Haint blue!

This charming ceiling paint tradition looks so great in a living room or dining room.


haint blue ceiling paint



In fact, we went with this light blue look on my living room ceiling (seen above) in our butler’s pantry ceiling (in a high gloss, because it’s a small space) and in my master bedroom.

We love this look so much. We chose Benjamin Moore’s Morning Sky Blue.

I’m a big fan of Benjamin Moore’s quality and the color selection of this company.

The key to using colors on the ceiling (or anywhere really) is adding different amounts of white paint.

This is a great tip I learned from working with professional designers on my own home.

Any paint store can mix a color with fifty percent white (they often call this “halfing” it.)

You can even do less than half, it’s up to you.

You don’t need to use the paint color exactly as it comes in the can. This is so freeing!

I strongly suggest playing around with different paint samples on the ceiling – using different amounts of white paint mixed in.

It’s also important to test the paint color samples in both natural light and at night with the lights on and off!

It’s amazing how different even a simple white paint color can look in different light settings.




This brings me to another great tip I got years ago for the ceiling paint job in our Vermont condo.

Because there’s a lot of wood paneling and the walls are painted a warm tan color, I knew white ceilings would look way too harsh in our living room here.

I was told to add some of the tan paint wall color to the white paint for the ceiling. This is sort of the opposite effect of adding white to a color.

This technique adds a subtle tint to the paint. Exactly what was needed in the space!

The quarter tan added to the all white paint warmed the room right up.

Warm, white, coordinated perfection!

I almost forgot to add this important detail.

In this condo we were dealing with popcorn ceilings at the time. It was a bit expensive, but we paid extra for our contractor to remove the popcorn ceilings.

He then went on to skim coat them to make them smooth, before we went ahead with the paint job here.

Once he applied the primer and the paint, it was like a new room. I’m so glad we did this!


Remember less is more


So, in conclusion, don’t make yourself too crazy when it comes to picking a ceiling paint color.

When you’re facing design choices for your home improvement projects – remember, less is always more.

Limit your options to the ones I discussed above and I promise it will look amazing!

We tend to use a lot of Benjamin Moore paint colors in our house. They have a great reputation and so many beautiful colors.

If you’re still looking to add a bit more oomph to your ceilings, I highly suggest checking out this post I did on wallpapered ceilings!

I hope this round up of ceiling paint colors was helpful!

Tell me what ceiling paints you love in the comments below.

Good luck!

PS: Don’t miss this post on the three best white paints to use on trim and baseboards!




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  1. Shirley wrote:

    I am interested in a very high gloss blue color on the ceiling of my powder room. How did you achieve the high gloss look on your powder room ceiling? Thanks so much!

    Published on 2.26.19 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks! High gloss paints AND ceilings are both pretty tricky, so we hired a professional familiar with doing this!

      Published on 2.28.19 · Reply
  2. Aida Niko wrote:

    Hi, I want to do a blue ceiling in my loving room. You said you used BM morning blue sky. How much white paint did you have added?Thanks!!

    Published on 10.7.19 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Hi, I don’t remember, sorry! But try a few samples with different amounts of white added: fifty percent and 25 percent. I know we looked at a lot of samples first!

      Published on 10.8.19 · Reply