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Dining Room Decor Ideas

Carver’s Guild mirror – similar here  //  sconces  //  Moravian stars 

In my reader survey, a few people asked about our dining room and if we had ever finished it. It’s SO close being totally finished. In fact, it’s just one wall giving me problems. So today I’d love to get your feedback on this wall, since I seem to be stuck!

The photo above shows the wall with the fireplace,  this area is DONE. The photo below, shows the wall with the best full view of the mural paper. I’m leaving this wall alone. So this area is done as well. (Find more info about the wallpaper in our dining room here.)

orchid  //  chandelier


On this wall we hung a small painting. Clearly between the windows and drapes and mural paper, that’s more than enough, so this wall is done too!


And, here’s the wall giving me “problems”… You might recall I had these green and black lamps in there. They didn’t look terrible, but they also never felt right to me. So after living with them there for almost a year, I finally switched them out to these clear and white buffet lamps. Between the height and color (or lack of color here) these look a lot better.

buffet lamps

However, the wall itself looks kind of bland to me. Especially in the center of the mural where there’s more negative space in the design. So…here’s what I’m thinking for this spot, and I’d LOVE to hear your opinions on this, as I’m still on the fence…

Intaglio art in the dining room

framed Intaglios

You might remember this post I did on framed Intaglios. Since then, Tiberian Design has been amazing with working with me via email to find a look which suits our dining room. They even sent this mock up of a grid of framed intaglios. So helpful! And, they sent an actual sample of one framed Intaglio, it’s leaning against the wall in the photo above with the white lamps.


I was also toying with the idea of hanging another mirror over the small buffet here. It would bounce the natural light from the windows across the room, back into the room. The windows face north here, so it’s not a great room for natural light. Most of our dining room use is at night, so I guess it doesn’t really matter… Anyway, here’s my very amateur mock up of a the mirror I’m thinking of using here.

And, finally…it dawned on me I could possibly use both the mirror and the framed Intaglios. So here’s another very amateur attempt at photo shop to get a sense of it. What are your thoughts? Leave it all alone? Just the Intaglios? Just the mirror? Both? Help!:)


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  1. Pam wrote:

    What a beautiful dining room! I vote for the simple grid of intaglios. Maybe move them down a few inches, and add a light but dramatic orchid on the server.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  2. Lucy Waddell wrote:

    I honestly think it looks lovely with nothing on the wall and the clear crystal lamps just the way you have it in the picture. Maybe a plant or flowers on the tray to add a little color.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  3. Shelly wrote:

    I like the mirror & think the frames overpower the gorgeous mural.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  4. Raquel wrote:

    I love just the framed intaglios. I personally don’t like using two mirrors in one room like that. The entire grid of intaglios makes such a statement. I think the mirror mixed in makes it look fussy especially with the wallpaper underneath.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  5. Denise wrote:

    I would put a huge maidenhair fern in a raised stand. The wall is beautiful. Denise

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
    • Shelby wrote:

      Like this idea!

      Published on 10.10.18 · Reply
  6. Maryellen wrote:

    While I love the intaglios, I feel like they detract from the mural wallpaper. Same with the mirror. I love the clear and white buffet lamps so maybe something between them on the buffet – either a plant or sculpture or other decorative piece. That would add interest and perhaps color without taking away from that amazing wallpaper.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
    • Emily wrote:

      This. Exactly! There’s so many great gold and marble sculptures out there. Saw a beautiful one at CB2 this weekend!

      Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
      • rebecca wrote:


        Published on 10.16.18 · Reply
  7. Phyllis wrote:

    Why do you want to cover the beautiful mural wallpaper? I like the wall with the buffet and lamps and nothing else. Maybe flowers on the buffet between the lamps and then stop.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  8. TARA wrote:


    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  9. Maria wrote:

    Your dining room is gorgeous! I would either do the buffet lamps with the one framed intaglio against the wall or the twelve intaglio prints on the wall. Hope this helps!

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  10. Melinda wrote:

    Totally agree that you don’t need to hang anything. A very large tall white orchid. Uttermost has a great imitation.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  11. Asterix wrote:

    I agree that the three walls are done, and that the last one is not working quite.
    For me, the buffet is too short to carry any lamps. It makes the space between them look crowded. I also think that wall needs either a large piece of art, or as you have shown, a bunch of smaller ones together.
    I think for lighting sconces would work much better. You could place them wider than the console, and place the art work in the middle. Then have something low, and not too cluttered on the buffet table.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  12. Asterix wrote:

    Ok, forget my last post about the sconce. I just realized that you have ones above the fireplace. In that case, I think the lamps simply have to go. I like the idea of art above the bufffet, and then a lovely orchid on it.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  13. Jan Rials wrote:

    I don’t like the mirror over the fireplace. What is it reflecting… the drapery rods? Never hang a mirror unless it is reflecting something beautiful and worth seeing twice or is totally utilitarian, as in a bathroom. I agree with all of the “don’t cover up the beautiful mural” comments. On the buffet, as much as I am a fan of two lamps, I would be careful the shades aren’t interfering with an important piece of the mural, which these shades do! A collection of beautiful candlesticks with some height on one side, a nice plant on the other and if you really need a mirror, a narrow almost frameless in the middle. But as we know, design is subjective and you have to live with it.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  14. Jackie wrote:

    I think the grid of frames is the winner! I agree that 2 mirrors in the room seems like a bit much to me from the pictures but I could be wrong! Can’t wait to see what you decide, love following along on your interiors and you definitely started my grasscloth ceiling obsession.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  15. Marcie wrote:

    I think the wall looks best with nothing. The mural is enough in my opinion.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  16. Jo in CT wrote:

    I’d go with “leave it alone” – let that beautiful mural do the talking. I do like your new lamp set up better. Also, it’s probably just me, and I should talk, seeing as I’ve never met a wall I wouldn’t hang something on, but the painting between the windows looks a little “off” to me – it kinda “clashes” with the mural?? Just my two cents, and I am sooo jealous of your gorgeous room and mural!!!

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  17. Margaret wrote:

    Your most recent update is perfect. The wall is beautiful as is. The pictures and mirror are distracting and cluttered looking.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  18. Ann Melamed wrote:

    This room is so special and the wallpaper is so extraordinary, the only thing I’d consider hanging on it would be a Venetian mirror, rather than a gold-framed one. It doesn’t need a thing, though. I love those lamps, they are perfect.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  19. Julie wrote:

    I think the wall is beautiful with the clear lamps, maybe add a fern or several orchids in a large bowl (like an arrangement of orchids instead of flowers) for a little color. The wall is lovely and unique, no need to “guild the lily”

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  20. Wendy wrote:

    I go with the others that vote to showcase the murals. The mural is beautiful alone and very elegant.
    The intaglios and mirror are great but they deserve to shine in their own right, maybe in another room.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  21. Kathryn wrote:

    The Wallpaper is absolutely beautiful. I would not cover it up. The clear glass lamps, in my opinion, look so much better. What about doing an urn or some sort of taller planter with moss in it or I also like the idea of a sculpture as well. I feel like the mirror and intaglios would detract from that beautiful paper. I also don’t like two mirrors in one room. Imagine when you have people in there and you’re entertaining. They’ll be enough on the dining table itself that I don’t think you need anymore on those beautiful walls.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  22. Mary Gregg wrote:

    I like the mirror alone; if you love the intaglios two or three of them hung vertically could replace the small painting between the windows.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  23. Jane wrote:

    Two dark green lamp shades on those clear lamps with the mirror hung between and a lovely plant/orchid on the buffet. That’s my two cents anyway……

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
    • beverly wrote:

      I agree with this comment, because you need something else green in the room. I like the clear lamps but the white shades are too white. Before I read this comment, I thought light grey shades would work too, buy may be hard to find the “right” grey. I’m not crazy for the mirror or the mirror/frames combo. What bout only 4 intaglios between the lamps?

      Published on 11.2.18 · Reply
  24. Chasha wrote:

    What a beautiful space. I love the mural paper and the crystal lamps. I would maybe add a darker shade to the lamps and some kind of lovely plant between them. Something like a maiden fern or something that is flowy and gives some dimension. I wouldn’t add anything to the mural. It’s really beautiful. I love the chairs with the table…perfection.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  25. Susan Toye Ferguson wrote:

    My suggestion for the lamps: dramatic shades – use black or have them custom made using the colors in the painting or the curtain fabric itself -its always good to have the color go around the room. Your chandlier is very formal and requires more formal accessories – go for purple transferware which references your wonderful wallpaper. There is also a color called “mulberry” that would be great in there – I think. One of the best resources for excellent transferware is The I have been buying from the boys for years and am out of space! Use that curtain color, too – another gorgeous piece of the space. Don’t forget – your chandlier is driving that room so more formal is best…my opinion but I think it will help you go in the right direction. Good luck! S

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  26. Saryn wrote:

    I agree with many of the other comments- the mirror/intaglio combination seems too busy. Also, I think two mirrors in a room is too much. I also agree that the intaglio grid is a lovely idea, but I think it’s misplaced in this room. Framed intaglios have so much negative space and the color and detail of the intaglio is so subtle, I don’t think it adds anything to your already beautiful wall. I love the idea of a big vase with some greenery or a very striking, large floral bouquet to add a bit of color and visual interest to that section of the room.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  27. Susan Toye Ferguson wrote:

    Also – the green oblesiks have no reference to anything else in the room…unless you plan to add something else green. Love the orchid (use them myself) just get a brass cachepot. Let the intalgios stand on their own – they are very special and don’t need anything else. Consider the mirror over the lamp table – with darker shades it should be a smash. Just had to add these few things! Love, love your blog and I subscribe to it, also. I am another b&w lover and have collected it for years. Thanks so much for (1) reading my suggestions and (2) a great blog! S

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  28. Ali Bratun wrote:

    Just the intaglios but fewer of them as it competes too much with the gorgeous wallpaper!

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  29. Jennifer Vondross wrote:

    I LOVE your dining room and love the wallpaper. I agree with some of the others, don’t cover it up. Have you thought about just changing out the shades on the lamps? Try using the black shades from the old green lamps and see how it looks. It might add the impact you’re looking for without detracting from the wallpaper. If you like it, then maybe order black shades that are gold lined on the inside (for a warm glow).

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  30. Maureen wrote:

    I’m in agreement with those that say leave it as is. The wallpaper is stunning and I don’t think it needs any art or mirror to distract from it. I think possibly a large concrete or plaster bust or sculpture of some sort but thats it since you already have the beautiful orchid on the other wall. Beautiful room!

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  31. Maurie wrote:

    I have loved that wallpaper for so long. I have had it bookmarked for my next home. Because it is such a lovely design, I would not clutter it up with both the mirror and the intaglios. The intaglios are just the right touch!

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  32. Regina wrote:

    I would only add an orchid or green plant in a porcelain planter or ironstone. It looks beautiful with some breathing space. A beautiful dining room.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  33. Rhonda wrote:

    I think the lampshades are the wrong color – they need a light color (just not white) like gray or lilac. I would use a mirror that was a bit more unobtrusive than the heavy gold frame. Everything is gorgeous.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  34. Katy wrote:

    I love your mural. Please don’t gild the Lily. Your lamps are spot on. I would respectfully suggest that you change out your lampshades to ivory pleats or parchment, to warm it up a bit. Add a luscious fern or flowers and walk away. You’ve done a beautiful job.

    Published on 10.9.18 · Reply
  35. Jennifer Good wrote:

    Your dining room is beautiful and I always love your choice of wallpaper.
    Try the black shades on the chrystal lamps and a smaller layout of intaglios.

    Published on 10.10.18 · Reply
  36. Jackie Paez wrote:

    Gorgeous room! Love the buffet. I agree with the other comments that two mirrors would be too much. A grid of itaglios is beautiful, but feels misplaced with the drama of the wallpaper.

    I think the room is absolutely lovely and you could totally leave it like it is. But, if you want to add color, I would concentrate on the staging of the buffet (which I adore btw). I agree that the green and black lamps are wrong. I really like the crystal lamps, but I’m not 100% sure that they are right in the space. I would concentrate on finding some kind of sculpture or a large floral design for the center of the buffet to bring color. Even maybe a collection of interesting plates (large and small) on stands since it is a dining room. But, I would keep a look out for other lamps that might work better in the space too – maybe something vintage with gold to balance the gold in the frame on the opposite wall.

    Another thought – though it might be too off the wall – would you consider adding color to the wainscoting and crown molding so as to frame the mural – maybe like a charcoal gray or lighter to match the color in the mural. However, it might not flow with the rest of your home.

    It really is beautiful just the way it is so I would take my time in “finishing” it until you find just the perfect things. I would not put any holes in that mural though.

    Published on 10.10.18 · Reply
  37. Barbara Neufeld wrote:

    Edit edit edit
    The mural speaks for itself.
    Maybe some greenery or Orchids in concrete like pot.
    But don’t cover up those walls.
    Too distracting.

    Published on 10.10.18 · Reply
  38. Shelby wrote:

    Beautiful room. I love the intaglios, but it seems a shame to cover the beautiful wallpaper. Maybe try the clear lamps with a bolder shade…not white shades. Perhaps black/gray with gold inside. Or another color that you have in the room. Dark green?

    Published on 10.10.18 · Reply
  39. Mist wrote:

    I would do one lamp with the large gold mirror resting on the buffet with the gold famed picture you hung between the curtains layered in front of it off to the opposite side from the mirror. I like balance too but I wanna focus a little more on the mural. Just a thought. I LOVE your style!!!!

    Published on 10.10.18 · Reply
  40. Carl Walker wrote:

    I think the mirror alone is so beautiful anything else competes with it.
    Wondering what you think of keeping the green lamps on either side of the mirror, but switching out the shades to the white ones that are currently on the glass lamps…??? I can visualize it easily and think it would like really nice and make a bit of a statem6.

    Published on 10.11.18 · Reply
  41. First off, you have wonderful taste! I love the wallpaper you choose for your dining room.
    I find that we all have a tendency to want to over decorate rooms. I don’t think the little art piece looks good….its out of step with the feel of the room. If something is need there, the intaglios would look good. Love the lamp switch out….a really soft mirrow look here would be perfect…keep in mind that your wall paper is the “ART” of the room…let it shine!

    Published on 10.12.18 · Reply
  42. Bev wrote:

    I think your problem wall looks very nice with the new lamps, sort of serene. If you want to add, I would go with the mirror. To go farther, I think, is too much… beautiful wallpaper and chandelier!

    Published on 10.14.18 · Reply
  43. Julia wrote:

    Beautiful room!
    I liked it with just the intaglios. Might suggest using fewer as your lamps will be covering up some of them.

    Published on 10.23.18 · Reply
  44. Suellen wrote:

    Just the mirror.

    Published on 11.8.18 · Reply
  45. Nikki wrote:

    I vote for a plant or minimalist sculpture sitting on the buffet. Please don’t cover up the beautiful mural :/

    Published on 11.8.18 · Reply
  46. Kerri wrote:

    I agree with many of the comments that you shouldn’t put the intaglios or the mirror on top of the mural. I think the lamps are not working being clear and that the green ones looked better but with white not black shades. You already have an orchid in the room so maybe a large beautiful bowl or ginger jars in between the lamps. Or just one painting that is a very solid like a color field or color block painting in keeping with the other tones in the room.

    Published on 11.18.18 · Reply
  47. Gail wrote:

    Negative space is necessary in a well thought out design; it gives the eye a place to “rest.”
    I would not put another thing there!

    Published on 3.27.19 · Reply
  48. Cheryl Bruce wrote:

    I absolutely love the grid of intaglios on your wall without the mirror.

    Published on 6.3.19 · Reply
  49. Jan Fitzpatrick wrote:

    Put the mirror above the console and the intaglios above the fireplace. The mirror above the console will reflect the dining table and the wallpaper above the fireplace is less busy for a grouping.

    Published on 6.14.19 · Reply
  50. Derrick jenkins wrote:

    A large mirror centered on the buffet/cabinet with wall sconces on either side.

    Published on 9.1.19 · Reply
  51. Karin wrote:

    Love your dining room. I feel the art or mirror distract from the mural. I would leave as is or add something larger on the server!

    Published on 9.16.19 · Reply