Framed Intaglios in home decor




Framed intaglios in home decor.

framed intaglios

Lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of installing a grid of framed intaglios in our dining room.
As far as home decor goes, our dining room is proving to be my biggest challenge.
We have Susan Harter’s Cotswolds Earth wallpaper in this room.
It’s so beautiful, I’ve been hesitant to hang anything other than a mirror above the fireplace.
But, at the same time, I think this room could use a little more oomph.
I started looking for artwork for this space, and then at some point decided to look at framed intaglios.
The more I looked, the more I started to love the idea of installing a whole grid.
I’ve been in touch with Tiberian Design, a highly trusted source of intaglios – although I haven’t ordered anything yet, I’m hoping to get this project sorted out this spring.
Here are some of the images which inspired me the most, along with several sources (at the end of this post) if your interested in incorporating something similar in your own home.
What do you think?
I’d love to know!

framed intaglios home decor









PS: The best sources to buy art online, and how to decorate a large blank wall.





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  1. Laura Fox wrote:

    I am soooo in love with intaglios right now. I think that they are such a pretty, classy, and simple way to add a bit of visual interest to a wall without detracting from any of the other elements.

    Published on 5.3.18 · Reply
  2. Katherine wrote:

    Love it – but with your love of sand and surf – instead of intaglios – do the same framing with sand dollars. Much much less expensive and equal impact, and fit with your vibe

    Published on 4.25.18 · Reply