One Room Challenge: Week Five

Here we are at week five, it’s almost the end of the one room challenge. 

Remember what this kitchen used to look like? On the one hand, it’s come a long way baby…on the other, there’s just one week left and there’s still a lot to do.

What I didn’t factor in was how much the stress of packing up our lives was going to wear on me…we move on November 7th. I also didn’t factor in that this kitchen really needed to be done sooner than the November 5th deadline, because it still needs to be scrubbed clean, staged,zhushed, furnished and photographed. And, that’s not even factoring in the other things that still need to be finished. But like a I hinted on Instagram earlier this week, I’m trying to stay positive with my “first world problems” here (#glasshalffull) Or, in this case, half the cabinets still missing handles is better than all the cabinets missing hardware, right!?


Still plenty left to do here…let’s review:

1. stain the floors a dark brown **happening right now**

2. finish the chevron back splash

3. move lights from current home over to new home

4. finish the hardware**on back order until January!** (grits teeth, #glasshalffull)

5. sink faucet and instant hot water installed **crossing fingers and toes**

6. two new refrigerators (and all appliances plugged in, cleaned up and running)

7. paint walls

8. actually move in with our furniture and belongings and accessories!

Yes, there’s still a lot to do, BUT a lot did get accomplished. Our lights were hung, new fridges delivered and walls were painted. They are sanding the floors now in order to stain them a deep dark brown. I snapped these photos on my phone before running out in an OCD twitching fit over the amount of dust that’s every where, seriously every.where. (you can see it on the light fixtures above).

I’ll need to get this place scrubbed clean, styled and propped, all before next week. And, there’s a good chance the faucet, bit of back splash and remaining hardware will not be in on time, not just for this challenge, but also for when we move in. I’ll do my best to create a little magic…I’m pretty curious how this will all turn out (for real though).

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  1. Sue it is looking just gorgeous! You must be thrilled…cannot wait to see the finished product, I am impressed with your progress…looking good:)

    Published on 10.29.14 · Reply
  2. It looks fabulous! I cannot wait to see it all finished.

    Published on 10.29.14 · Reply
  3. I'm so in love with those exposed hinges and your herringbone tile and the brass! Can't wait to see the floors and all your pretty zhushing next week!

    Published on 10.29.14 · Reply
  4. Kelli Fox wrote:

    oh wow you do have your hands full – but it is going to look fabulous! Eee!

    Published on 10.29.14 · Reply
  5. It is looking so, so beautiful Sue! What a perfect place for your family to come together. I love the hardware and pendants. I know your zhushing will be spectacular as it is always. So, so excited to come back next week. And good luck with the move! It is stressful but just try and get as much help as you can. This will be fabulous!

    Published on 10.29.14 · Reply
  6. What you've got is gorgeous, so I'm sure your final photos will be stunning! Good luck this week and I'm loving your attitude! πŸ™‚

    Published on 10.29.14 · Reply
  7. agh–so beautiful. All of it! Don't worry about some of things that might not get finished. Smoke in mirrors for those photos, baby! πŸ˜‰ Can't wait to see this same space once you've Zhushed it up. xx

    Published on 10.29.14 · Reply
  8. The progress you've made is beautiful – I look forward to seeing everything completed!! Fingers crossed for you that it's sooner than later!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

    Published on 10.29.14 · Reply
  9. Linh Vo wrote:

    Loving the updates! It definitely looks bigger with the white cabinets.

    Published on 10.29.14 · Reply
  10. SOOOOOOOo excited you used the brass hardware, looks GREAT!

    Published on 10.29.14 · Reply
  11. Katy Byrne wrote:

    Looking so beautiful, Sue!

    Published on 10.29.14 · Reply
  12. designchic wrote:

    It looks amazing, Sue, but know how you feel. There seems to be so much left for one week!! LOVE your hardware and can hardly wait to see it all come together next week!!

    Published on 10.29.14 · Reply
  13. Wow, it looks absolutely gorgeous already! I love stopping by to see the progress!

    Published on 10.30.14 · Reply
  14. It was a pretty big bite to try a kitchen in 6 weeks! But I do have a feeling that it will be fabulous and if there are a few things missing we won't notice:)

    Published on 10.30.14 · Reply
  15. jana bek wrote:

    You've done SO much & it looks amazing! Whatever the reveal lacks in hardware your gorgeous zhushing will overcome it – the space looks spectacular already! xx jana

    Published on 10.30.14 · Reply
  16. Looks beautiful! xo K

    Published on 10.30.14 · Reply
  17. Lol yes, first world problems are a britch. Hats off to anyone who dares to do a kitchen in 6 weeks. It is a real beast. Plus you're moving and it's all too much to bear but it's looking fab. It'll be even more fab with ur zhushing

    Published on 10.31.14 · Reply
  18. I cannot even imagine the stress of the ORC AND a major move. You are superwoman. It is going to be fantastic though….it already looks so good. Hang in there!

    Published on 10.31.14 · Reply
  19. This is really crazy. I can't imagine how you are juggling all of this. The kitchen is looking amazing. Love the countertops!!

    Published on 10.31.14 · Reply
  20. You are so brave to tackle the ORC and a move. It looks beautiful so far. Can't wait see it next week!

    Published on 11.1.14 · Reply