Our House:Featured in Cottages & Gardens!

living room~sneak peak





Several months ago, I did a post with this sneak peak of our living room.

The hope was that the photos, taken by John Bessler, for our designer, Lauren Muse’s portfolio would be published in a magazine.  

That day has finally come…this month, Connecticut Cottages and Gardens has featured our home in the March issue!

The focus is “Rethink, Renew, Refresh-Embrace the Season of Change!” 

Our feature entitled “Room To Grow” written by Dana White, tells the story of our renovation project, working with Lauren Muse, and finally starting this blog. 

Once it’s on the magazine’s website, I’ll be sure to link to it!  For now, these are the photos of our home.

living room detail~opposite wall  
master bath  
pool house  



the Mr.’s office
my office




The day of the shoot, I took a lot of “behind the scenes” photos.

I plan on sharing them here in the near future. 

Hope you enjoyed this tour of our newly “refreshed” spaces.