Progress On Our Florida House

updated staircase bannnister

Before and After: Our staircase bannister


I’ve finally sorted through the majority of the zillion images that I took of our Florida place. 

This most recent trip was our first time seeing our new staircase (and bathroom) in person, and it did not disappoint! 

We are so happy with the way everything came out and how it literally transformed the whole space.

The layout of this house is wide open and basically built around the stairs, so getting this element right was pretty crucial. 

I searched everywhere for the “before” image of all the black iron railings and I’m thrilled to have finally found it (from two years ago when we first closed on the house). 

Originally, we thought we could get by with just painting the railings white, but that ended up not really working. 

Once I saw how great the new rail looked, I re-zhushed the console in this photo to work better with the space. 

We also got some dining room pieces delivered and happily that space is finally coming together as well. 

Next week I’ll post a few more updates on some smaller projects we’re working on down there.

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And these are the “before” shots: