Progress At Our Florida House

Back in December, while we were in Florida, even though a lot of the actual renovations still weren’t finished, I jumped the gun and started accessorizing our home. Since this photo was taken, not only have I shipped a big box of accessories from down, but our contractor has thankfully been very busy finishing up some of the bigger projects there as well. I think it’s finally safe to say that we are getting close to the end zone here (which means lots of zhushing!)

Last month, our contractor sent us the photo below, of the fabulous Martinique wallpaper that finally went up in the guest bath. And, now just this week, we’ve gotten some images of the staircase and walls that he has been working on. I’ve also included the “before” image of the original stairs and railing (which isn’t even the true “before” as this was an all black railing when we purchased it). At first we thought we could get away with painting these ornate black iron rails white, but since this is an open layout and you see the rails from every angle on the first floor, it didn’t work. So we replaced most of the railings with plain white dry wall, simplifying the whole overall effect and then implemented a much fresher railing, using Phoebe Howard’s South Hampton home, as the inspiration for our own stairs (image included at the bottom). I’m thrilled with the way things are shaping up and can’t wait to get down there next month for spring break and see everything in person!

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  1. wschecht wrote:

    The railing looks amazing. Leave it to zhush!

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  2. Sue, it looks amazing! I love all the details!

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  3. pve design wrote:

    You just zhush where ever you land!
    Love your touch~

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  4. Karen wrote:

    Absolutely beautiful! I got to see it from the outside when I visited Melissa in January! Do you have any before pix of the railing. I clicked on the 3 links, but didn't see what the original railing looked like!

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  5. In the last photo is that table made of mahogany? I simple adore it.


    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  6. Cara wrote:
    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  7. Thanks for all the great feedback! Karen, the before railing is in this post, second to last image. Lisa, the table in the last image is from Phoebe Howard's home…it was our inspiration image, so I'm not sure what the wood is, but it is gorgeous!

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  8. Oh yeay!! its so exciting when you start seeing the results of all the hard work. I love that wallpaper and am actually considering for the powder along three others. I can't make up my mind! I love how it looks in your bathroom.

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  9. Fiona wrote:

    Very pretty! What is the wall color in the entry? I like that it's subtle but warm.

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  10. Looking fabulous. Absolutely love the new railing!

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  11. The blue and white is delish!

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  12. This is going to be amazing. The stair railing is SO right!

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  13. oooh i LOVE the new railings – so beautiful!
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    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  14. Raina Cox wrote:

    It looks like you're having so much fun with this project!

    And I've never seen Martinique paper look more appropriate.

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  15. Looking good. Replacing that stair rail was key!!! What a dramatic improvement!

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  16. It looks great! I love your choices! Definitely the right move on the railing.

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  17. Marianne wrote:

    Amazing! Seriously in love with the stairs!

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  18. Wow what a difference the stair railing change made! I love following along.

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  19. Sue,
    Super impressed with your stair rail makeover!! And, that wallpaper rocks!

    Hoping you escape the snow and get to go enjoy it all soon!!!
    xoxo e

    Published on 2.7.13 · Reply
  20. CDS wrote:

    Take it from this Floridian…love it! 🙂

    Published on 2.8.13 · Reply
  21. Olyvia wrote:

    Wow! The staircase turned out GORGEOUS! and I'm loving that Martinique wallpaper, it looks so 3-D like the leaves are reaching out. I'll have to invest in something like that when I think of re-designing my house!

    Published on 2.8.13 · Reply
  22. Nancy wrote:

    Specatular stair railings Sue! I love your changes already and that wallpaper. So exciting. Have a great weekend.
    xo Nancy

    Published on 2.8.13 · Reply
  23. Andrea K wrote:

    Did someone say Martinique wallpaper?! I am positively obsessed, OBSESSED I tell you with this wallpaper, which I have written about extensively at The Glam Pad. We are wallpapering our Florida dining room in Martinique's "sister" wallpaper, Carleton Varney's Brazillance.

    I can't wait to see your final results!!

    The Glam Pad

    Published on 2.10.13 · Reply