Studio McGee’s Collection For Target

Popping in here today with a rare Sunday post to let you know about Studio McGee’s newest collection for Target.

It drops today!


Studio McGee for Target's Threshold line


Studio McGee’s Collection For Target


As you guys know, I’m a HUGE Studio McGee fan

I love to check out both Shea’s portfolio and their store, McGee and Co. for beautifully curated home decor finds.

So of course I’m thrilled about this fresh new collaboration between Shea McGee and Target’s Threshold line!

Studio McGee’s collection for Target has the same chic style she’s famous for.

Excited to learn this is looking more like a multi year partnership!

Last time, back in April, almost everything sold out immediately, so if you see something you love, grab it!

Learned this lesson the hard way…


Shea’s great sense of interior design is evident though out each piece, only at much more accessible prices.

Have a look at all these beautiful new pieces and let me know if you agree!

Target home decor vignette with Shea Mcee design pieces



Shea McGee’s styled up selection.


I love Shea McGee’s designs, and I also love the way Shea styles things.

I think it’s SO smart the way all of these pieces are shown together.

Everything is part of this home collection and available starting today.

Makes shopping for home decor incredibly easy!

And, you can get some great ideas on exactly how to style it in your home…

The home decor accents are all calling my name.


Furniture from Studio McGee's Collection For TargetLove this front entry vignette – Threshold designed with Studio McGee.


Favorites From The Studio McGee’s Collection For Target’s Threshold Brand


There are so many really great looking items.

Here’s some of my the pieces I’ve personally got my eye on…



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