15 Summer Dresses You’re Going To Love For 2022

Summer dresses – I’m officially a fan!


tie shoulder summer dressTie Shoulder Dress With Border Print


Lightweight Summer Dresses

Whether you call them summer dresses or sun dresses, they’re often the easiest way to dress during the hotter months, while still looking put together.

Today I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from this season’s crop of summer dresses.


Dresses have always been somewhat difficult for me.

I’m smaller on top than the bottom, need bra friendly straps (if not full on sleeves) and don’t like to wear things too short.

But, with mid length, A-line, midi dresses in vogue right now, there’s really no reason not to have a closet full of breezy, cool and affordable options this year.

hot pink summer dress.Bright Pink Flutter Sleeve Midi Dress


After a lot of online perusing, and also several returned items, I’ve come up with a bunch of beautiful options.

From dressy events to casual poolside – I love how versatile all of these dresses are!

floral summer dress on woman.Smocked Floral Midi Dress


Totally digging this (new to me!) easy way of dressing!


summer dress with pockets.Constance Dress


Extra points if the dress has pockets!

By the way…why don’t all dresses have pockets?

black and beige smocked dress.Midnight Posy Mallie Dress (comes in several colors)


Hope you loved this round up of dresses – it was a lot of fun to put together, and I’ve already ordered (or already own) several of these beauties!

PS: The cutest sandals for 2022 and the best looking spring and summer bags!






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  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful post! It looks very good and Show in a nice manner.

    Published on 7.27.18 · Reply
  2. Nice and Perfect looking outfits..

    Published on 8.13.18 · Reply
  3. Gray wrote:

    What a great post! Now you know why us Southern ladies wear dresses most of the time…

    Published on 8.13.20 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      yup!!! Thanks:)

      Published on 8.14.20 · Reply
  4. Gray wrote:

    These were really pretty! Two things – I no longer wear sleeveless when dressed up. My arms just don’t look good enough any more. Also, the two that I love are $300-$400 and that’s more than I would spend on a cotton summer dress. But they are all beautiful!

    Published on 5.5.21 · Reply