Sweet Child O’ Mine

This is my younger daughter’s bedroom. It’s hard to believe, but today my daughter, my middle child will be turning eleven. You may remember that when my oldest turned eleven, we gave her bedroom a whole new look…it was even featured in a national magazine! A hard act to follow and now the time is here. Even though my daughter and I have been all over pinterest for months looking for some inspiration for her room, we really can’t find anything that we both agree on. When I re-did my older daughter’s room, finding that initial inspiration was key. The room practically designed itself after we had the visual we needed. This time around, it’s more of a challenge. The room is smaller with windows on one side and closets taking up another wall. So far, all we know for sure is that we’ll be keeping the color scheme of lavender and green. Here are a few more thoughts on possible purchases and another perspective of the room. Do you have a girl’s room pinterest board we should follow? Any feedback at all is more than welcome!

Two lamps, just like this one, on either side of the bed are the only items we can agree on for now. Despite the great price, I’m holding off on getting them. There is a slight chance that we might do a day bed on the wall that the desk is now on, in which case we will not need lamps flanking the bed. Where do we go from here? (help.)

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  1. Alyson wrote:

    we are trying to finish up my 3 year old's room and it's not my favorite activity, to be honest. i'm so not good at it but have been consulting with a designer. love how we went with a pretty purple with a deeper stripe about 5 feet up. It adds nice dimension without going around. We're about to repaint an old bookshelf in the same color to add some interest and are creating a little reading nook (3-year old appropriate!). Good luck… love your inspiration so far.


    Published on 4.29.13 · Reply
  2. Very pretty…love the colors, so sweet! Isn't Pinterest amazing for inspiration and ideas!!

    Published on 4.29.13 · Reply
  3. Well knowing your past designs I'm positive this room will turn out amazingly beautiful…I love what you have identified so far and can't wait to see it all come together. I remember my mom involving me to redecorate my room when I was younger and loved the process. We need to also redecorate my daughter's in about a year…..and she has told me she wants zebras involved!!

    Published on 4.29.13 · Reply
  4. wschecht wrote:

    Can't believe that our Sammy's are so grown up. 🙂

    Published on 4.29.13 · Reply
  5. angela wrote:

    i have a question/comment. While I love the parsons table for a desk, (I too am considering it for my kid's redesign), I wonder what to do about storage…do you have any ideas?

    Published on 4.29.13 · Reply
    • We're thinking about under the bed storage bins if we go the Parsons desk route…good question;) thanks!

      Published on 4.29.13 · Reply
  6. Leslie wrote:

    They grow up so fast! Mine are 24 and 22 🙁 Such a darling room .. with happy colors everywhere. The lamps are perfect:)

    Published on 4.29.13 · Reply
  7. Deb wrote:

    This is always a hard project, especially for Mom! Love her color scheme and some of the items you purchased. Hard to offer any advice without being in the room but I might consider a cute window seat and move the bed to the desk wall if space allows. Looking forward to seeing the final result.

    Published on 4.29.13 · Reply
  8. Oh, you poor thing! When we asked our boys to give us some direction with their new bedrooms, they just rolled their eyes and said do whatever you like. Sometimes, we think that's even harder… We know your daughter's room will come out beautifully – hang in there!
    C + C

    Published on 4.29.13 · Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

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    Published on 4.30.13 · Reply
  10. You know I live in a boys world, so I'm afraid I'm no help. Funny….I think Samantha's room is adorable as is, but I understand that wants it zhushed up. No one better for that! 🙂

    Love the green lamps and sounds like you've got the color scheme….so that's a great start. Check out Sam Allen…he has done cool kids rooms. Maybe different colors, but you could get some basic ideas.

    xx E

    Published on 5.1.13 · Reply