My Daughter’s Room Reveal: Before and After

Before and After My Daughter's Bed Room


My Daughter’s Bedroom Reveal with Before and Afters



Talking all about my daughter’s bedroom reveal today – with some before and afters too.
My daughter’s bedroom glow up is done! 
Back in March I posted the “befores, the little girl room that I lovingly put together for my daughter when she was just two years old. 
Now that she is almost twelve, this new grown up version seems much more appropriate, despite the fact that seeing her old room here still gets me emotional! 
We’re both thrilled with the way it came out. 
I re-posted the inspiration room below.
Also, below are all the sources…everything we used in this transformation except the custom headboard from Ethan Allen was ordered online!
Hope you found some helpful inspo from my daughter’s before and afters and this room reveal!

Before and After Daughter's Room
Inspiration for the final room from Before and After Daughter's Room
the inspiration
her old “before” room-sniff!


Daughter’s Bedroom Source List:

bedside lamps from Shades Of Light
area rug and throw from PB Teen 
night stands fromWilliams Sonoma Home 
Moroccan  pouf from
throw pillows from Jonathan Adler
starburst mirrors from
ceiling fixture from Design Within Reach
bench/bookcase: TheLandOfNod

If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email or leave it in the comments below.

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  1. Looks great. As you know, I have a daughter the same age. I just showed this to her and it got a thumbs up! Peer approval – the ultimate sign of success!!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  2. Love your daughter's "big girl" room and I want one of my own! That headboard is gorgeous and the colors are so happy and chic.

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  3. Oh, looks fabulous….I am sure she will create many new memories in this hip space. Love it!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  4. DAvid TOms wrote:

    What a brilliant interpretation of the inspiration. She must be one very happy 12 year old!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  5. Debby wrote:

    So fun and grown up… she must LOVE it! How great she has such a stylish and cool mom!! xo

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  6. Sue, love it! Its so fresh and hip and still very elegant, love the crisp white bedding and the builtins along the wall make for a lot of storage (very important to a teenaged girl) I could see that this will be a room she will really enjoy hanging out in with her friends!! Great looking…..thanks for sharing.

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  7. Sue, It is fabulous!! I would move in there myself in a skinny minute!!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  8. anita wrote:

    love it!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  9. Cara wrote:

    It looks great-almost EXACTLY like your inspiration! Does your daughter love it?!
    Lilac and Grey

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  10. What a fantastic room! It has the same feeling of your inspiration room. Well done!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  11. designchic wrote:

    Absolutely love the new room. You both must be thrilled with the result. Adore the happy colors, the green pouf and the fabulous clocks – just love it all!!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  12. sue! what a wonderful adaptation of the inspiration room. beautiful colors in just the right combinations. great job… donna

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  13. Kathy wrote:

    Love the headboard. It's height and color make the space. Lucky girl….k

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    Im in this predicament too. Tweens are so difficult! You've done a marvelous job! Very stylish!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  15. It's so great to see a kid's room that shows what they are growing into. She'll love this room for many years to come. Lovely job! I know she's thrilled!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  16. Paula wrote:

    What a fabulous room!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  17. Wow it looks amazing!!! I love it.

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  18. that's a "wow" from me!!! love it!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  19. I Dream Of wrote:

    You did just a fabulous job! Your daughter must love it. A perfect refuge for a teenage girl.

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  20. Kwana wrote:

    I love it! Great job.

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  21. Nuha wrote:

    Great job sue!! I love the white trimmed walls

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  22. What a great transformation to a big girl room! I love that color combination. And major kudos for no pink (I think my daughter would have a heart attack!)

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  23. Nuit wrote:

    aww how sweet! and what a huge transformation!!! you did great, I like yours better than the inspiration room 😉 x

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  24. cafenoHut wrote:

    your daughter is very lucky.. This room is wonderful..

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  25. Mai wrote:

    She's a very lucky girl This is is super duper gorgeous. Well done!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  26. Is it appropriate to be jealous of a young lady of 12? Love her new room and it looks so grown up. Her old room was wonderful too but it was a little girls room I hope your daughter appreciates what Mom has done for her. It really is fabulous!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  27. I adore the new room but my old childhood wishes really really wants the old one for myself. Your daughter is so lucky to have such a talented mother!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  28. Kathysue wrote:

    Sue it looks fantastic, even this big girl would love a room like that!! Kathysue

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  29. Wow!! That is amazing!! WHat a lucky girl! We're in the process and buying a new bed ourselves and I'm loving your Ethan Allen! BTW…my 2 year old princess would DIE for your daughter's old room.


    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  30. SUE!!! It's perfection…she's going to be the envy of all her friends!! What a lucky girl to have such a talented and stylish mom!!!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  31. Julip Made wrote:

    Wow Sue, I'd say that your re-do looks even better than your inspiration source. What a lucky little lady!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  32. Beautiful! Such a nice colour scheme. I think those night stands are so wonderful. They can grow with your daughter. Well done!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  33. CDS wrote:

    WOW! What a great job! Kudos to you on being able to make such a transformation. xoxo

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  34. Gorgeous! uh oh… when Riley sees it she's going to beg for a new room!

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  35. pve design wrote:

    I love it – love it – love it!
    Thanks for sharing and I must ask is that a full size or queen size bed. My daughter wants a queen size and my husband thinks that is "over the top!"

    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  36. Jessie wrote:

    Love that gorgeous headboard, the beautiful nightstands and throw pillow! The room looks so chic and elegant. Your daughter is so lucky!

    P/S: Come by and enter my giveaway for a chance to win a $50 gift cert from My Urban Child!


    Published on 9.14.11 · Reply
  37. Stunning and all grown up! Where's her old crown? I could use one over my bed! 🙂

    Published on 9.15.11 · Reply
  38. Sarah wrote:

    Very pretty and grown up – love the white, blue and green!! 😉

    Published on 9.15.11 · Reply
  39. Beautiful indeed! I could not add anymore what has not been said before! She is a lucky 12 year old!

    Published on 9.15.11 · Reply
  40. Karena wrote:

    Sue, I love everything you pulled together so beautifully for your daughter!!

    That luxurious headboard is the crowning jewel!


    Art by Karena

    Published on 9.15.11 · Reply
  41. Wow, that's quite a change! You did an amazing job putting this together for her – she must be thrilled!

    Published on 9.15.11 · Reply
  42. annie wrote:

    Looks absolutely gorgeous…you both must be so happy! Love the colors!

    Published on 9.15.11 · Reply
  43. It looks great and so much more "grown-up" – great job! 🙂

    Published on 9.15.11 · Reply
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  45. that's lovely – sophisticated enough to get her through to university.

    Published on 3.20.12 · Reply