That, Not This

To stylishly store firewood, what I really want to buy is THIS……

 woven log basket (large):  $450.00
but, for $381.00 less……I’ll take THAT  instead!
tall log basket (on sale) $69.00

I can see my mom’s smile of approval, right through the computer!


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  1. Clever post. I like the colour of the second one more anyway!

    Published on 1.12.10 · Reply
  2. I'm smiling in approval too! What a find. The first is lovely to be sure, but the second is an absolute steal! Nicely done.
    XX Kate

    Published on 1.12.10 · Reply
  3. The log carrier is a great fashion find! Here's a perrennial trumper: finding a simple/great design alarm clock.

    Published on 1.13.10 · Reply
  4. thezhush wrote:

    Thanks for you kind comments, very much appreciated! And, Bonni, I may just have to do a post re: your quest for a great alarm clock…hmmmm.

    Published on 1.13.10 · Reply