White Painted Brick Homes

I’ve got white painted brick homes on my mind today…
White Painted Brick House exterior

White Painted Brick Homes

Aren’t these white brick homes stunning?
White houses are my favorite. 
Our old home was a white clapboard Colonial and I just adored the look of it. 
Our new house, which is red a brick Georgian is also lovely.
However, I can’t help myself, I wish the bricks were painted white, or at a minimum, white washed.
This would probably cost a small fortune and would need a lot of upkeep, making this idea of mine completely unrealistic…
Have any of you ever taken a traditional red brick home and made it white?
I’d love to hear about your experience!


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  1. These are stunning, Sue. I love painted brick. I hope youre having a wonderful summer. xo Nancy

    Published on 8.12.15 · Reply
  2. Sue I love a brick home and in our historical neighborhoods there are many traditional ones. Adore the washed look which I guess is actually a sandblasted white painted brick.

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    Artist Nicoletta Belletti

    Published on 8.12.15 · Reply