The Best White Exterior Paint Colors For Your House (2024)

What are the best white exterior paint colors for my house?

What are the most popular white paint colors for a house exterior?

These are two questions I get asked a lot around here!

And, today – I’m happy to say, I’ve got answers!

So…let’s take a look at the best white paint colors for your home exteriors.

This blog post first appeared here last spring – since then I’ve added quite a bit more information, which is why I’m sharing it here again today.

black lanterns flanking front door of white brick homeHome of Elizabeth Meyer of Pretty Pink Tulips painted in White Dove by Benjamin Moore

Today, I’m finally tackling this popular white exteriors quest by providing some time tested favorites for you.

Whether you’re looking for a bright white, a warm white, a pure white.. real life examples can be so much more helpful than perusing paint can labels in an aisle.

Having done both in the past, I’ll always opt for photos and personal referrals.

Speaking of which – I’ve got some great first hand experience with picking out the perfect white trim color for the inside of your home as well!

Hopefully one or more of these beautiful exterior white paint colors will be “the one” for your own home!

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Starting things out with a perennial favorite around here, Benjamin Moore White Dove.

I’ve dedicated a whole post to this beautiful soft white color in terms of interiors here.

It’s also worth mentioning this color works beautifully as a kitchen cabinet paint as well.

However, I’m featuring this white paint here again today, because it’s also such a popular paint choice for exteriors.

White Dove has a hint of bluish gray in it, making it a cooler white in terms of undertones.

I think it still manages to have some warmth to it.

Personally, this is my favorite color – having used it extensively, I’m pretty sure it’s the perfect white paint color!

Above and below are photos of my friend Elizabeth’s lovely home, painted in Benjamin Moore White Dove.

You can see more Elizabeth’s charming home’s exterior here.

White home with black shuttersBenjamin Moore White Dove pairs perfectly with these Tricorn black window shutters – a classic color scheme via Pretty Pink Tulips.

China White by Benjamin Moore

Next up, another popular white exterior paint option is Benjamin Moore’s China White.

This is the color of our former home in New York, as seen below.

Finding this perfect shade of white took a lot of research on my behalf.

I even went as far to look into what shade of white the actual White House is –

If you’re curious, it’s a paint called Whisper White by Duron.

I never did get a hold of a sample, which is probably for the best, as the White House is a very bright, stark white.

Getting back to our popular color choice here of China White-

It’s a softer white with a little hint of of warmth.

This made it a perfect choice with our brown shingles and copper trimmings.

I miss this pretty house!

Benjamin Moore Simply White paint exterior house color the best for 2020Benjamin Moore China White – Our former home’s exterior in Westchester County, New York

Creating A Custom Blend White Paint Of Your Very Own

A few weeks ago, I featured the home of designer Alex Kaehler.

I got so many questions about the color of her home, I went ahead and asked Alex about this.

Turns out it’s a custom blend of Benjamin Moore’s Linen White and White Dove.

While Alex doesn’t remember the exact amounts of each, it’s a good reminder that you’re not bound to just using these paint colors as they come in the can!

I’m always extolling the benefits of custom blends when it comes to interior paints, so of course it makes perfect sense to do this on the exterior as well.

Mixing and blending different white paints is a great option, especially if you’re torn between two similar shades!

White brick house exterior painted in Custom Mix of Benjamin Moore Linen White and Benjamin Moore White DoveCustom Mix of Benjamin Moore Linen White and Benjamin Moore White Dove on the traditional home of Alex Kaehler.

Benjamin Moore Sea Pearl

Another beautiful white paint option is Benjamin Moore Sea Pearl.

This popular choice has warm undertones as well, and sometimes, depending on the light can look a bit gray or off white.

Therefore, Sea Pearl is the perfect option for homes with contrasting trim colors.

This versatile paint color really just looks great almost everywhere.

white modern farmhouse with gray trimSea Pearl via Benjamin Moore

Snowbound by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’ Snowbound is another fool proof option.

If you’re looking for a white paint which leans a little to the off white spectrum, this one is an excellent choice.

Snowbound has a just a hint of gray undertones, making it a very easy to live with color.


house painted in Sherwin Williams Snow Bound  Sherwin Williams’ Snow Bound via Willow Homes

Exterior Paint by Sherwin Williams in White Heron

White Heron is another warmish gray white choice.

I’ve never used this color myself, but I’ve long admired it on other homes.

And, for good reason, as it pairs beautifully with blues, like a bright blue front door.

Seen below in natural light, this color makes a great choice if you have a lot of gray tone in your roof or trim.

It pairs beautifully with blues, like a bright blue front door.

modern farmhouse 

Creamy by Sherwin Williams

Unlike the other cool white paints mentioned above, Creamy by Sherwin Williams is true to it’s name.

There’s a hint of yellow in the undertone of Creamy, making this more of a cream color paint choice.

If you’re leaning a bit more towards a warmer white paint, this is a great option.

It has a classic look to it, especially when paired with black trim and or shutters.

white clapboard house 

Be Sure To Test Out Paint Samples

Ultimately you need to really love the paint color you choose for your home.

It’s too expensive not to!

Which is why I can’t  recommend enough trying it out as a sample first.

Perhaps this is so obvious, but even different times of the day, day light or if the exterior of your home is in direct sunlight and of course weather too, can all dramatically change the look of any color.

Consider your home’s orientation -ie. if your home faces the south, etc.

Does your home get lots of shade?

When you test out your samples, be sure to paint on the material you plan to actually paint.

In other words, paint brick or shingles, etc. accordingly, so can really get a sense of it.

Also, use the number of coats you would if you were actually painting.

At least two.

Live with a few samples for a few days before making your final decision.

The Best White Exterior House Paint Colors: Conclusion

So there you have it – a comprehensive round up of some of my favorite white paint colors for a home’s exterior.

Hopefully, you found this post helpful.

If you do end up using any of these white paint options for your home’s exterior shades let me know!

Even better, send me a photo – I’d love to see how you’ve painted your house and which exterior house colors you chose.

Good luck with this big decision!

By the way, you can always see more of our current home right here.

If you’re looking for even more paint color inspiration and paint picks, be sure to check out these other posts by clicking on their titles below:

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white brick house with copper accents Beautiful custom blend white painted brick house with copper bronze accents  via Amanda Orr Architects

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    Could you please please help me with picking a home roof color I’m desperate and we are needing to make a choice now. Saw this and thought I would give it a try.

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  2. Anjum Mujeeb wrote:

    Hello! What trim color did you use for your home that was china white? We are looking into a trim, but do not want it to be a stark white, but something that compliments china white. We have a brown shingle roof.

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  3. Thank you so much for including me in your “white house” exterior round up! Loving the idea a blend of linen white and white dove the next time we paint! 🙂
    xx Elizabeth

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  4. Elaine wrote:

    Your selections are beautiful! I just went from a taupe to Swiss Coffee and the cedar shakes in natural cream and I love the results! So many great whites out there!

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      Thanks so much and – Wow, that sounds stunning!

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