Brand Love: Quadrille Fabric and Wallpaper

Quadrille fabric and wallpaper, a long time favorite home resource of mine…can’t believe I haven’t done a whole post on this before today!

Quadrille wallpaper in our blue and white bathroom

Quadrille Fabric and Wallpaper

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about the wallpaper in our blue and white bathroom.

I’m always happy to answer these questions!

The wallpaper is by Quadrillle Fabrics and the print is Sigourney.

This particular navy color only comes in a fabric, but we had Quadrille custom run it in a wallpaper for this room.

The Quadrille showroom is only to the trade, however, I’ve ordered through this Etsy vendor several times – she carries so many designer fabrics and wallpapers.

Including Sigourney, which is the name of the blue and white print in bathroom above.

You can find all the sources for our blue and white bath here.

Quadrille is one of my all time favorite resources for wallpaper and fabrics.

In fact, I have several other Quadrille fabrics and wallpapers in my home.

Since I get so many questions about all of them, it recently occurred to me to group these all together in a post.

Because I’m such a big fan of these prints, whenever I need to consider a fabric or wallpaper I always take a look at Quadrille’s selection on their site.

Just like knowing your favorite clothing designers and brands can help to narrow down wardrobe decisions, having a few choice brands to turn to for your home can be just as helpful.

While Quadrille is “to the trade” only, you can find so many fabulous ideas on the site.

Once you know the name of the print and color you like, you can search for it from other sources.

Scroll to the bottom to find some easy links!

Quadrille fabric and wallpaper in my dressing room area.

In my vanity area, I have another favorite wallpaper.

The print is China Seas Arbre de Matisse Reverse.

I love it so much we used the wallpaper and the fabric for a Roman shade! You can find the rest of the details for my vanity here.

family room with Quadrille fabric on throw pillows

The blue and white throw pillows in our family room are a popular pattern known as Kazak.

You can find the rest of the sources and details for our family room here.

Pink and orange Quadrille fabric throw pillows

Love this Kazak pattern so much, I used it again in a pink and orange colorway in our vacation home.

You can find the rest of the sources for this room here.

chippendale chairs and tulip table in home office in front of window

My home office is a nice size.

This allowed for more opportunities for beautiful prints.

My window shades are Bromonte Reverse Neutral Soft Lavender.

The green chair in the corner is covered in Petite Zig Zag in Green.

black and white stripe rug in home office

You can find all the details and sources for my home office here.

Home office with green chair and lavender walls

I hope you found this quick reference on some of my favorite prints helpful! Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this!

Click HERE for another home decor brand I love!

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