Our Blue and White Bathroom Renovation: Before and After

Our bathroom renovation before and afters…
If you love bathroom makeovers, today’s post is for you!
blue white after bathroom renovation

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Before and After Bathroom Renovation


Today I’m excited to talk about our blue and white bathroom renovation project.

When I moved this site over to WordPress, the “before” photos of our blue and white bathroom got lost during the migration process!

Fortunately they’ve been retrieved!

The design team at Muse Interiors helped us to transform this dark brown bathroom to the fresh and fun blue and white bathroom it is today.


before bathroom renovation

blue white before after bathroom renovation
before image of brown tiled bathroom

What we removed and what we kept in our guest bathroom renovation.

As you can see, we demolished the brown tiles on the wall and floors.

We also changed up the counter top here as well.

In addition, we kept the vanity base for the sink and had a professional, recommended by our interior designer, paint it Benjamin Moore Dove White.

This is one of my “go to” paint colors.

Painting the vanity here actually saved us a bit of money.

We added a new mirror and a new light fixture.

There was a counter area in the corner that we removed as well.

The brown tiled wall section was replaced with white painted wood wainscoting.

Or is it called wain scoting? Or wainscot?

I’m getting off point here, but I think you know what this design feature is!

We were originally going to go with white subway tiles, but decided the look of the wood panels gave the space more of a polished overall look.

Anyway, this pretty design feature (wainscoting or wainscot) helps to break up the bold pattern on these very large walls. 

(update! It’s wainscoting…whole post about this here~)


navy blue penny rounds in walk in shower More ideas on how to use penny and mosaic tiles in your home.


Design sources for our bathroom renovation.

We chose a simple penny round tile for the floor tiles here in navy blue.

You can see these dark blue tiles in the photo above.

This was the best choice with such a large, bold pattern on the bathroom walls.

Penny tiles not only look great, but they are much more cost effective than many other bathroom tile options, like marble flooring.

I also think small hexagon tiles would work perfectly here as well. 

We continued the navy penny tiles into the shower and then complimented them with white tile penny rounds on the shower walls, creating a large white wall. This helps everything else feel less busy and overwhelming.

I let the beautiful wallpaper take center stage here, with simple white plantation shutters for the windows.

They look perfect in this room.

We also ended up changing the original faucet to this much shorter one. 

You can see the new faucet in the photo below.

The old faucet, while pretty, was bumping into the wainscot panel edge.

You can see the shorter one in the image below.

THE STAR OF THE PROJECT: Sigourney Wallpaper by Quadrille Fabrics

The wallpaper is a custom color I saw in the Quadrille showroom in New York City.

The print is called Sigourney.

It’s been on my wish list for years!

Absolutely LOVE this pretty shade of blue.

I’m thrilled with the way this looks.

I think I covered everything.

If you have any questions I’m more than happy to answer them in the comments.

Be sure to check out this post for more info on Quadrille.


white bathroom vanity with serena and lily round mirror over it
before photo of brown tiles in shower
photo of the “before” walk in glass shower
blue and white sigourney wallpaper in bathroom
After photo of walk in shower.

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