Clean Beauty Products I’m Loving!

Clean beauty products, these are my current favorites:

clean beauty products

marble tray  //  face roller  //  Vintner’s Daughter serum  
 Goop Exfoliating Facial   //  Native deodorant 
Quai haircare leave in conditioner  //  Dr. Barbara Sturm eye cream  //  lip balm 
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clean beauty products: what I’m loving


Slowly but surely I’ve been getting into the whole clean beauty movement.

At first I wasn’t on board with the whole concept, but there are so many amazing products available now that really work!

Plus, it feels like I’m reading about the dangers of chemical exposure (even topically) more and more these days.

So, here’s what I’ve tried and LOVED lately….



Vintner’s Daughter serum:

I started using this serum last spring.

Love it so much, and even mentioned it in my April round up of favorite buys.

It smells amazing and keeps my skin feeling super hydrated over night.

I use it at night after I wash my face.


Goop Exfoliating Facial :

If you want to freshen up your face (and really who doesn’t?) this is the exfoliating product you need.

Lately I felt like my skin was looking quite dull, probably due to too much sun this summer.

This product really helped to revive it! 

The instructions say to use it a couple times a week but GP says she uses it everyday – so I’m sure you can just use as much or as little as you need.

A little goes a long way here, which is good because this stuff isn’t cheap.

I followed it up with the serum mentioned above and my skin felt great!


Native deodorant :

So I probably should’ve started with this product, because switching to a natural, clean ingredient deodorant is more important, for lack of a better word, than some of the other products.

That was a clunky sentence, but I think you know what I mean… I’ve tried several natural deodorants and this one so far is the best.

They have amazing fresh fragrances (I ordered a sampler box, so I’m slowly going through the different scents) I’ve noticed the product does bead up a little, but other than that, it keeps me feeling and smelling fresh!


Quai haircare leave in conditioner : 

This is great if you flat iron or curl your hair a lot.

It’s a leave in mist spray which works as an awesome detangler and does a good job of keeping frizz at bay.

My hair feels softer and smoother after using this for a few weeks now.


Dr. Barbara Sturm eye cream :

My skin is a little sensitive, so I was hesitant to use a new eye cream.

But, curiosity got the best of me after hearing and reading so many great things about all the Dr. Barbara Sturm products.

So far, so good.

No irritation.

The cream goes on smooth and easy – a little goes a long way and absorbs right away into my skin.

I love that it’s non-greasy!


Love and Sage Sunday morning lip balm:

I’m always licking my lips, so of course they’re always dry.

In the winter, they can get very chapped if I’m not careful.

After using Vaseline for years, I was told it might not be the healthiest thing.

Especially because you also can be ingesting a little bit of product every time you apply it.

This lip balm is all natural, smells great and also works! Win/Win.

PS: Some transitional fall fashion inspo!

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Photos by Julia Dags.

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  1. Elaine wrote:

    Sue I’m a huge fan of the Vintner’s Daughter Serum. But maybe a bigger fan of the family wine! Money Road Ranch is the one I drink. (I’ve been to their vineyard and it’s stunning.) Gargiulo Vineyard

    Published on 9.18.19 · Reply