Closet Organizing Ideas

Closet organizing ideas, let’s talk about them!
Because, the more chaotic life gets, the more I turn to cleaning and organizing.
If this sounds up your ally, I’ve got a few closet organizing ideas to share with you today…
closet organization ideas

Closet Organizing Ideas

Sharing my favorite closet organizing ideas and tips today.

For many people, taking the time to organize their homes is a form of self-care.

Having a place for everything can give you a sense of control.

A neat and tidy space can be a great way to feel more centered.

Organizing helps you deal with all different types of chaos.

Keeping your closet neat and organized is also a great way to increase your productivity, streamline your home, and keep track of those items which often tend to get lost in the shuffle.

Organizing your home is a major undertaking.

It takes a bit of planning and strategy, and nowhere is this more clear than when you are organizing your closet.

There are dozens of approaches you can take to keeping your closet orderly but they all require an evaluation of your space and a plan of attack.

By following these organization ideas, you’ll be able to come up with a system that accommodates all of your belongings.

And, it will also work for your unique space.

1. Evaluate Your Space

Start by looking at the available space in your closet.

How much closet space you have is one thing, but it’s also a matter of understanding the type of space you have.

If you have a walk-in, you might have plenty of usable space, but if not, you might need to get creative with your storage space.

Do you have more hanging space or wall space where you could install shelves?

Are you using the back of your closet door?

Before you do anything, look at the actual space you have to work with and purchase the supplies you’ll need to maximize the type of space you tend to use most.

2. Purge Your Closet With These Ideas

Before you put everything back in your closet, take a good hard look at every single thing you store there.

Ask yourself these questions.

What do you use the most?

What do you use the least?

Don’t waste your precious closet space on clothes you don’t wear anymore.

Take this opportunity to go through your entire wardrobe.

Make several piles of clothes you wear often, clothes you wear sometimes, and clothes that are for special occasions.

Then look at the clothes you never wear.

Why don’t you wear them?

Do they not fit?

Are they no longer a reflection of your personal style?

Or are they so worn out that you don’t feel like they look good anymore?

Donate clothes that you don’t wear anymore and toss the clothes that are too worn out to wear.

Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider

3. Separate Your Seasonal Clothing

Instead of hanging up all of the clothing you own, separate your winter and summer clothing.

You can store your off-season clothing in bins to keep it out of the way and give you more closet space to work with.

As an added bonus, if you have to put away your clothes at the end of the season, you can do an annual clean out where you donate clothing you didn’t wear that year.

Keeping your closet neat and organized might seem like a pain, but it’s all about finding a system that works for your space and is maintainable for you.

Your closet might not be perfectly organized in a way that works for everyone, but as long as it works for you, that’s what matters!

closet organizing ideas and shelf hackswooden pot holders holding clutches

After doing my own closet purge, I set out to see what was missing in terms of hooks, hangers and storage.

Starting every day off with an orderly closet not only makes getting dressed easier and faster, but it also instills a sense of calm each time I step into this tidy space.

There aren’t a lot of things we can control in this life (sometimes not even in the rest of our homes) so I consider my closet a happy respite from all the chaos.

Occasionally, I do still have those days where I’m running late and trying on several outfits only to realize that I either don’t like the way they fit or look, or both.

But, when the mess starts to pile up on the floor, I go right back to the habit I first got into when we were initially unpacking everything during our move.

I listen to pod casts or audio books on my phone to pass the time and take my mind off folding and hanging.

It really does make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

It might seem like an obvious thing, but for me it’s made a big difference in keeping my closet organized.

closet organizing ideas for hanging your jeans


Clear file sorters used here as clutch holders in my closet.

As for actual products to help keep things looking orderly – here are a few that I swear by:

To organize my clutches, I use these budget friendly, wooden pot holders (in images up top.)

These clear file sorters are also great for holding clutches!

To plan out outfits and hold bags I use these awesome brass rods (as seen above).

Inside drawers I love these trays for holding jewelry and makeup.

And, finally, I absolutely swear by these hangers (last image below) AND I’ve just switched all my jeans to these wooden hangers (seen above.)

Do you have any great closet organizing ideas or tricks?

I’m always looking for more tips, so please let me know in the comments below!

closet organization ideas with matching hangers

If you’re looking for even more tips on getting and staying organized: 


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top two images: Nicole Cohen

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  1. Lisa D. wrote:

    I may have commented on this before, but I think I forgot to click “submit”. I loved reading when you posted about Random Chanel Items. Can you please ongoing posts about other iconic fashion items, such as Louis Vuitton, or Yves St. Laurent or Hermes? That would be so much fun to read. Thanks Sue.

    Published on 3.7.23 · Reply
  2. Lisa D. wrote:

    I’m wondering if you have a walk in closet, Sue. If so, can you lock the closet from the outside? The reason I ask is because of my concern about theft – especially of jewelry. Having all your jewelry visible so that you can see what you have is great when you are putting an outfit together, but I keep mine locked in a safe, otherwise I would be too worried that something would “walk away”. The unfortunate downside to this, is that I don’t wear it as often as I like. Thanks.

    Published on 3.7.23 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      It is a walk in closet. I don’t have a lock. I don’t worry about theft really, unless we are traveling. When we travel everything gets moved and locked up in a safe.

      Published on 3.8.23 · Reply
  3. I just organized mine the other day as well!
    I do need those drawers organizers though and I have 3 large bags to giveaway once we are clear to move about!
    Lovely closet!!

    Published on 4.7.20 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks! I now have so many donation bags too~ xx

      Published on 4.7.20 · Reply
  4. Mumbai wrote:

    do you have an idea how to store handbags because they occupy a lot of space in the closet and deform

    Published on 4.7.20 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      I keep the larger ones on shelves, stuffed with a bit of tissue paper.
      Longer ones, like crossbody bags I hang on hooks.

      Published on 4.7.20 · Reply
  5. missi wrote:

    Great ideas! Thanks!

    Published on 6.25.15 · Reply
  6. I dream of being this organized!!! Love the tip on the brass rod…getting those! I've been waiting for the time we can redo the closet/master bath, but my heart isn't in it yet, so this will carry me for a while!

    xx e

    Published on 6.23.15 · Reply
  7. Do you have any tips for organizing ties and belts?

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