Eight Amazon Finds Professional Organizers Swear By

This post all about the Amazon finds professional organizers swear by, first appeared here on the blog, last summer. 
Reposting it today- for those like me, who are trying to channel all your 2020 anxiety into the few things we can control – these “organized home ideas” might speak to you too.

Amazon Finds Professional Organizers Swear By:


I’m so excited to introduce you to Emily Maiocco the owner of Next Level Organizing.

I first discovered Emily over on Instagram on Prudence’s feed.

I couldn’t have been more excited when she arrived with her team and whipped my laundry room into organized shape! (You can see an image of this from Emily’s Instagram below!)

Since then, Emily has helped me with so many organizational projects in my home.

Emily also talks about tackling paperwork clutter, in this post here.

I’m such a fan of Emily and her business, which is truly Next Level!

Which is why I invited to her to share her favorite Amazon organization finds with us here today!

Here’s Emily!


As a professional organizer, I definitely have more of a minimalist mindset. 
I really don’t buy things on a whim and I try to be thoughtful of the products I bring into my home as well as my clients’ homes. 
I do my best to make sure the items are useful, are visually appealing and will stand the test of time.


The best products to get your home organized:


Here’s a roundup of all my favorite Amazon organizing finds that we use in all our projects.
If you’ve been following me (here!) you probably know that my favorite tool is the Lazy Susan.
First of all, we LOVE most Lazy Susans, but our favorites are the clear ones.
These are great for holding oils, vinegar and spices in kitchen cabinets.
Likewise, they’re also great in bathroom closets for daily morning items like hair accessories or medicine. 
We use them in playrooms for arts and crafts, under the kitchen sink for sponges, cleaners, etc. and just about any other room in the home you can think of. 
Here are some of our favorites:
1. Lazy Susans:

iDesign Linus Turntable



Seven Amazon Finds Professional Organizers Swear BymDesign Deep Lazy Susan Turntable Storage Food Bin Container

Secondly, labeling is a big part of what we do to make sure everyone in the home knows where items live.
We label bins, baskets, shelves, and drawers alike. 
On our team we use this simple label maker on most of our jobs:
2. Label makers:
Seven Amazon Finds Professional Organizers Swear By
So, if we need labels to be more versatile or want to create a different look in a space we will use chalkboard tape instead of our typical label maker tape. 
I love the crisp look of the black tape with white chalk writing and love how it can easily be wiped off and reused for other purposes.
3. Chalkboard tape: 
Seven Amazon Finds Professional Organizers Swear By
For this reason, when we work with our clients we also leave behind one of these chalk pens so they can update their labels as often as they need to.
4. Chalk pen:
Seven Amazon Finds Professional Organizers Swear By
Containing items is also very important when it comes to organizing.
I love using sturdy clear bins in all sizes throughout the home to contain items. 
These clear bins make it easy to see what’s inside and the handle design makes it easy to grab off a shelf.
Add a label and you are good to go! 
We use these in all rooms of a home to hold your morning vitamins, create a coffee or tea station, corral your baking needs, toiletries, you name it. 
They wipe out easily if you have a spill and can be repurposed again and again.
5. Clear bins:
A constant issue I come across is what to do with all the plastic bags or plastic wrap that make its way into our homes.
Creating a space for these plastic items to go in order to be recycled back at the store or reused is key to staying on top of them.
I love this over the cabinet door unit that can live under the kitchen sink. 
In my home, I line it with 1 plastic bag and fill it with all the store drop off recycling items including plastic bags, food storage bags, plastic wraps, etc. 
For a link to other store drop off items click here.
6. Plastic bag storage:
To keep your clothing drawers organized, having compartments for different categories is really helpful.
These drawer inserts work really well because they come in different sizes and can fit in most dresser drawers.
7. Drawer inserts:
Although we are a digital society, most of us still have paper storage needs.
These sturdy file folders come in lots of colors so you can choose the colors that work for your personal style and system. 
I prefer using all the same color file folders for consistency and ease of use, but I have had clients prefer separate colors for different categories of files.
There’s no right or wrong way to create your system but choosing a system and sticking with it is key for organization success.
8. Files:
Have an organizing product you love to use?  I’d love to hear about it! 
Drop me a comment below.
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Hope you found this info helpful!




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