Breeo Smokeless Backyard Fire Pit: An Honest Review

It’s getting to be that time of year again!

So, I’m bringing back this popular review of the best traditional fire pits.

smokeless backyard fire pitOur Breeo smokeless stainless steel fire pit.

Smokeless Backyard Fire Pit

I’ve gone back and completely updated it, now that we finally have our own Breeo Fire Pit.

A back yard with a wood burning fire pit just sounds so nice, doesn’t it?

Something about the idea of gathering the family around an outdoor traditional campfire setting with an open flame (without the actual camping trip) is so appealing to me!

When it comes to the best firepits: What is the best option?

Breeo smokeless fire pitBreeo Fire Pit.

Portable Fire Pit Options

Last fall, we went ahead and bought a cast aluminum Chiminea, after seeing a similar one in action at a friend’s house.

The Chiminiea is a great option.

It looks great and burns nicely, although not exactly a roaring fire.

With it’s unique design (unlike iron or clay) it doesn’t rust or crack and it’s relatively light weight and easy to move.

The fire burns very efficiently, and all the smoke goes up and out the top.

This option was fun for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs, and I did appreciate the small size and the fact it produced very little smoke.

However, it doesn’t offer a whole lot of heat (if you’re sitting around it) and the flame is only visible through the door in the front.

So went on a quest for the best fire pits and we did a bit more research this time…

We knew we didn’t want to build something complicated.

Something which would require putting in a new gas line.

Gas fire pits are great, however, this was too much of a commitment for us.

We contemplated a propane fire pit with a small tank, similar to outdoor heaters.

Apparently, if you’re looking for a backyard fire pit, there are SO many options!

For example –  stone fire pits, fire bowls, a fire pit table or even a concrete fire pit.

We looked into Solo Stove fire pits, which are similar – like the Solo Stove bonfire and the Solo Stove Yukon (these are manufactured in China.)

And, we also considered the Tiki fire pit (construction wasn’t great) the Biolite Firepit (too bulky) and the Flame Genie (which was too small.)

metal smokeless fire pit

Backyard Fire Pits: What We Ultimately Chose

We decided on this Breoo wood burning, smokeless, metal fire pit (seen above and below.)

This is our top pick after a lot of extensive research.

Innovative Design

It set up in 2 minutes, creates a beautiful smokeless fire (after about 20 min to warm up), and at only 24 inches in diameter (the perfect size for our needs) produces a much more comfortable heated seating area than any gas pits we’ve seen.

Compared to a lot of the other options we considered, having less smoke was a big selling point for me!

But this still has all the ambiance of a traditional fire pit, (with minimal smoke) which I love.

It even allows for easy transportation (something we don’t need, but I could see how others might) with an included carrying case.

Thanks to it’s advanced airflow design, stainless steel construction and smart compact double-walled design, this has a very efficient burn.

The build quality is great too.

And, I appreciate that these are made in the USA.

I also love the easy of use with this model.

For example, you can use these easy to find wood pellets, and still yield less ash than most other options.

For the full smokeless fire pit experience, I think we might also opt for an attachable outpost grill or a sear plate too!

As far as smokeless firepits go, I really think this is the best fire pit for you money.

We also love the Breeo X series smokeless fire pit.

If we buy another one, it will probably be this one.

pool patio metal Bree fire pit

Breeo Fire pits burn at a high temperatures, and this may cause a few sparks.

So, I also recommend you get a heat shield, or spark screen for the top of the fire pit.

Now that we finally have a good fire pit with real wood for the heat source, we need to figure out the seating area for this outdoor space.

I love the idea of a small group of friends or family gathered around our little backyard bonfire.

So, we just ordered four of these resin Adirondack chairs in all white.

Hoping to get them soon.

I think they’ll work out perfectly for our outdoor living needs.

The best part is down the line, we can have something more substantial built (out of stone or brick for example) and put the Breeo inside it.

Be sure to scroll through to the bottom for some other budget friendly fire pits.

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  1. I purchased a Breeo, I cant wait use it. I am thankful it’s made near where I use to live in Pa. Plus I have plans to use my cast iron skillets on it.

    Published on 5.4.21 · Reply
  2. Gray wrote:

    Working on setting up the same exact situation in my backyard…thanks for the heads up on the adirondack chairs. The ones I found were $450 each, and not sure they were that much better. The area I want to set up is on a slope, so we have to figure that out…..

    Published on 10.8.20 · Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Would love to see more pics of the first house, gorgeous — can you link us to the site?

    Published on 10.5.14 · Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Where can I get the chairs from the third photo down? Love them!

    Published on 6.8.14 · Reply
  5. These fire pits look beautiful!

    Published on 5.28.14 · Reply
  6. I dream of a fireplace in my backyard! Such beautiful images…

    Published on 5.28.14 · Reply
  7. Love a fire pit and the conversations that flow when you're outside, warming up together!!!

    Enjoy your new chiminea!!! S'mores!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    Published on 5.28.14 · Reply