One Room Challenge: Laundry Renovation Week Six


Our Laundry Room Renovation Reveal!


So excited! Today’s the day – the one room challenge laundry room renovation reveal!

It’s the grand finale of the One Room Challenge, otherwise known as the big reveal, otherwise known as the best part! 

As a quick review, I chose to zhush our laundry room.

This is what it looked like six short weeks ago (this was week 2, week 3 week 4 and week 5 progress.)

Today, I get to show you the finished project.

All beautifully photographed by Nicole Cohen.




What we left / what is now gone.

In a perfect world, I’d have replaced the floors with a clean white penny tile.
I even thought about maybe even spelling out “wash me” or something cute like that!
I also would’ve had a counter top over the washer dryer. And, ideally cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling!
Can you tell Pinterest was possibly giving me too many expensive ideas?
Once I stopped looking for inspiration and got down to the task at hand, my love for this large upstairs laundry room with tons of storage returned.
The drab beige counters are gone and now there’s clean white Ceasarstone. Big improvement!
The outdated faucet is also gone. And now we have this functional sprayer faucet.
one room challenge laundry renovation
Finally, stealing the show of course is the fabulous Nuvole Storm wallpaper.
Love this wallpaper SO MUCH!
All the deep angles in this narrow space, oh my goodness, a little intimidating.
But, I  channeled my inner Lisa Rinna and went with her catchphrase “own it, baby!” Bravo Real Housewives jokes aside, I’m really digging our laundry room now.
It’s so clean and inviting, which is everything I want a laundry room to be.

Organization is key

A big part of this project (and really any project!) requires a lot of organization.
Once I decided to fix up this space I knew I had to buckle down and stop using the laundry room as a catch all for miscellaneous odds and ends.
Now, in addition to cleaning products and linens, the laundry room cabinets ONLY holds the essentials. 
This entails laundry cleaning supplies, extra light bulbs and everything for wrapping gifts. That’s it!
 These baskets on the open shelves help to hide a lot of clutter. Did this right after it was determined having a carpenter come in and build cabinet doors was too expensive.
The baskets not only look pretty, they completely hide the various sponges and cleaning rags inside.
one room challenge laundry renovation
De-cluttering the laundry room is not only practical but gives the room a nice calm vibe.
Which is ironic since the wallpaper is a cloud storm…

Final takeaways and tips

A few final tips on our laundry rooms in general.

The built up tile area surrounding the washer and dryer made redoing the laundry room floor cost prohibitive.

Even though I don’t love the aesthetics of this, I do appreciate the practicality of it.

Years ago we had a big leak with a washing machine at our old house.

We quickly understood the value of having this type of built up lip to stop the water flow.

Also, what you can’t see in this photo is a little water sensor alarm on the floor near the washer- can’t recommend this gadget enough.

So, if you’re thinking about re-doing or designing a laundry room my advice is to get these water sensors!

Build  up something around the machine with tile as well. Those floor pans the dealers recommend don’t always get the job done.

Also, while I’m giving laundry room tips… In our old home, the washing machine was constantly breaking and needing repairs.

This former washer (and dryer) had the counter built in above. But, since we also had that shallow tile wall built in to stop leaks, moving the washer out from under the built in was a big challenge.

So, even though I love the look of a counter space above the appliances, I do appreciate how much easier it is to move the machines around in the event of an unforeseen issue.

Had we gone ahead with a counter on top, I think I might’ve added a hinge to allow the whole thing to lift up. Just another thing to consider if your designing a laundry room.

And, finally, the washer is closed here, but only because it looks better for the photos.

The reality is that we leave that door open whenever the machine is not in use because that’s the only way to make sure we never have a smelly mildew issue again.

Live and learn- no one ever told me that and wish someone had!

So that’s it!



HUGE thanks to Linda of Calling It Home for including me and giving me the much needed motivation for getting this room done.

If it weren’t for this six week challenge, I’d still be looking at beige builder grade counters with a mismatched washer and dryer.

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  1. Patti wrote:

    What a stunner! I know it was done long ago now but I just came across it. Is the wallpaper the black/white or charcoal? Do u recall how much u ordered for it? Many thanks!

    Published on 1.30.20 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks so much! I’m pretty sure we went with the black and white. I don’t remember how much I ordered though.

      Published on 1.30.20 · Reply
  2. The cloud wallpaper is so stunning in this space – it feels airy and relaxing! You really combined form and function in this transformation and the result is beautiful. Fantastic job!

    Published on 5.21.16 · Reply
  3. Like all the others I would love to relax and do laundry in that room too. That wallpaper is the perfect choice and totally zen-like!

    Published on 5.18.16 · Reply
  4. Definitely a space I would want to spend time in! In fact the light is so beautiful and the wallpaper so inspiring I would be tempted to move a comfy chair in there to read and check mail. I am glad you left the original floor though because the warm gold tones balance out all the cool ones and add depth to the room that I think would have been missing had you gone all black and white. I suspect had you changed the floor it would have looked really sharp but been less inviting.

    Published on 5.15.16 · Reply
  5. Bree wrote:

    Everything is perfect!! And that wallpaper is?

    Published on 5.15.16 · Reply
  6. I might like doing laundry a bit if I had this room! The wallpaper is amazing and eye-catching!

    Published on 5.14.16 · Reply
  7. Janet wrote:

    Love this room. Esp. the built in floor pan. Unless this is on a second floor, I would have added a floor drain.

    Published on 5.13.16 · Reply
  8. Probably the most perfect choice of wallpaper for a space, ever! Love how it plays into the lines of the room..definitely the star of the show. Bravo!!

    Published on 5.13.16 · Reply
  9. Awesome!!!! xo K

    Published on 5.13.16 · Reply
  10. Jana Bek wrote:

    Gorgeous Sue! It's soo cozy, that wallpaper makes me want to curl up while the washer is running!

    Published on 5.12.16 · Reply
  11. Sue, it came out spectacularly!!!!! That wallpaper!!! And, sadly, I wish I had known what you shared here on the practical side. I haven't had any issues, but would have made some different decisions for sure.

    Just an amazing, job!!! Best part…now, you'll enjoy doing the laundry!
    xx E

    Published on 5.12.16 · Reply
  12. I couldn't love that Fornasetti paper more! Such a calm, clean, inviting space. Beautifully done!

    Xx Sarah | The Curated House

    Published on 5.12.16 · Reply
  13. Jennifer wrote:

    Well, I love everything you do, and this room is no exception! It's phenomenal, especially that showstopper of a wallpaper. Amazing job!

    Published on 5.12.16 · Reply
  14. alewis44 wrote:

    I LOVE your new washroom! So beautiful and organized! What brand is the washer and dryer, I am looking for ones with the controls on the front and it is so hard to find them. Please let me know. Thanks Annette Lewis –

    Published on 5.11.16 · Reply
    • Thanks! The washer and dryer is Electrolux.

      Published on 5.12.16 · Reply
  15. Perfection! I love this!! And you know, I like the flooring how it is because it bring an earthiness element which ties in with the paper. Such an absolutely beautiful space. Magazine worthy!

    Published on 5.11.16 · Reply