Our New Puppy

Introducing our new Havanese puppy….

Meet Our New Havanese Puppy


Meet Cosmo – our new Havanese puppy!

He’s 12 weeks old and has now been a part of our family for almost four days.

The other day, I officially welcomed Cosmo into our home on Instagram – along with a request for any and all new puppy advice.

Even though my husband and I both grew up with dogs, we’re pretty clueless as to how to train a puppy (it’s just now dawning on us that our parents really handled that responsibility).

The response to my plea for help was great.

We received a lot of advice for new puppy parents like us.

New Puppy Tips

Some of the tips were suggested by multiple people- which really made me take notice.

Here’s a few of the ones that stood out – and by all means, please feel free to add your own to the list!

– Be consistent with taking him out for potty training.

– Keep a schedule and crate train him for sleeping.

– Use a potty puppy bell on the door.

   This was the most popular piece of advice- having never heard of this before, I did some research and ended up getting this one.

    If nothing else it looks pretty on the door- but honestly, so many people have raved about training their dogs this way that it makes me think we can do this too!

-It takes about two weeks for dogs to adjust to the new surroundings, be patient.

-Invest in some baby gates.

-Keep a ticking clock and a t-shirt that’s been worn next to the puppy when he sleeps. (we don’t have a ticking clock-but I found an old sound machine from our baby days, and might try this)

While I don’t have more dog content, I do have more posts about what’s going on with our home…

Wish us luck, hoping to be on a better sleep schedule soon, as I’m someone that really needs her sleep

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  1. I saw adorable Cosmo on your IG, but just had to see the original post. His face is TDF!

    Our puppy is 5 months now, so I know just how you feel with the lack of sleep, etc. For me the hardest thing was feeling soooo cooped up; I couldn't leave the house for more than a couple of hours, but that is getting better. We are all potty trained and have moved onto a puppy class and doing more actual training (like not jumping on everyone we see:)) It does get better every week.

    Good luck! And enjoy him! He is just darling:)


    Published on 2.9.16 · Reply
  2. Emily wrote:

    This breed is so sweet and smart! Have fun with adorable Cosmo!

    Published on 1.24.16 · Reply
  3. So cute! Congratulations!

    Published on 1.21.16 · Reply
  4. So cute! The sound machine is a great idea, both our pups loved it. Good luck.

    Published on 1.21.16 · Reply
  5. Leslie wrote:


    This is so fun Sue;) When they are babies it's tough but the difficult moments pass in time. I'm such a dog-lover and we are talking about getting another one (crazy, right?) The puppy stage can be challenging depending on your pup's temperament but it goes by fast (unlike humans;) YES to crate training and being consistent. Also when Layla was a puppy we never allowed her "human" food from the table or kitchen. NOW she does NOT beg (yay!). It's a pain when we teach our dogs to want our food. Are you on Snap? I'm 4prettypetals;)

    Published on 1.21.16 · Reply
  6. OMG!I'm in love with Cosmo.That is the sweetest face.I was 'dog stupid' when we got a puppy. My advice is to keep him 'confined' within eyesight. If they roam around the house to explore they squat and pee. Congrats! Your capacity for love just blew off the charts!

    Published on 1.21.16 · Reply
  7. Arli wrote:

    I think the reason for the ticking clock is that it sounds like heartbeat. Dogs are used to co- sleeping, and it may make your puppy feel less lonely. We used this trick 50 years ago when I got a puppy!
    Your doggie is adorable! Congrats.

    Published on 1.21.16 · Reply
  8. He is precious….and he makes me want a puppy!!! Love the name!!! Stay warm in the snowstorm! xoxo

    Published on 1.21.16 · Reply
  9. He is adorable!!! Nothing like a sweet puppy to snuggle with on a cold winter day…of course it's not fun taking him outside on a cold winter day though! Good luck with the training and take lots of pictures of that adorable face! So sweet!
    Congrats! Shelley

    Published on 1.21.16 · Reply
  10. He is SOOO Cute!!!! Enjoy every minute with this precious little guy…..only advice, give them lots of love as you will not find a better friend:)
    And crate training really works!!

    Published on 1.21.16 · Reply