Our New Puppy

Meet Cosmo – our new Havanese puppy! He’s 12 weeks old and has now been a part of our family for almost four days. The other day, I officially welcomed Cosmo into our home on Instagram – along with a request for any and all new puppy advice. Even though my husband and I both grew up with dogs, we’re pretty clueless as to how to train a puppy (it’s just now dawning on us that our parents really handled that responsibility).

The response to my plea for help was great. We received a lot of advice for new puppy parents like us. Some of the tips were suggested by multiple people- which really made me take notice. Here’s a few of the ones that stood out – and by all means, please feel free to add your own to the list!

– Be consistent with taking him out for potty training.

– Keep a schedule and crate train him for sleeping.

– Use a potty puppy bell on the door. (This was the most popular piece of advice- having never heard of this before, I did some research and ended up getting this one. If nothing else it looks pretty on the door- but honestly, so many people have raved about training their dogs this way that it makes me think we can do this too!)

-It takes about two weeks for dogs to adjust to the new surroundings, be patient.

-Invest in some baby gates.

-Keep a ticking clock and a t-shirt that’s been worn next to the puppy when he sleeps. (we don’t have a ticking clock-but I found an old sound machine from our baby days, and might try this)…

Wish us luck, hoping to be on a better sleep schedule soon, as I’m someone that really needs her sleep. #cranky but also #puppy:)!!!!