Super Easy Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake Recipe

This super easy chocolate chip bundt cake recipe has been a comfort food staple in my family for as long as I can remember.

Adding a little zhush to a store bought cake mix, it’s right up my ally, hope you love it!


Super Easy Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake Recipe


Super Easy Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake Recipe


This is pure comfort food.

Just like this Banana Bread recipe, in case you’re looking for more!

Not going to pretend it’s anything but a doctored up cake box recipe.

We all actually called it “idiot cake” growing up – as in any idiot can make it!

But I grew eating this cake and then later as a teenager, making it often with friends.

The meaning behind this cake to me is so layered and so sentimental, like any good comfort food should be.

So much so that this little recipe was a part of a theme at my bridal shower, many years ago.

If you can stand a little corny family stuff right now, here’s just a glimpse of the meaning of this cake.

And, also a small window into my cooking and baking “skills”…

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Style Stalking: Caroline Gidiere Interiors

This month’s style stalk is of the lovely design work of Caroline Gidiere Interiors.

Hope you all enjoy these special spaces as much as I do…



throw pillow vignette on blue velvet couch by Caroline Gidiere Interiors



Caroline Gidiere Interiors


I usually start off these first of the month “style stalk” posts with “Hi! – Happy April!” – but this seems too ridiculous to write, right now.

So, instead- I’ll get straight to the beautiful interiors here…

Chosen because they convey such a happy sense of home.

I would describe Caroline Gidiere interiors as classic, traditional style with a twist.

There’s also a certain intimate, snuggled in vibe.

It’s the personal yet comfortable feel to each space which really spoke to me right now.

A bit of escapism in the form of pretty interiors.

Seriously love Caroline’s entire portfolio – it’s so warm and inviting.

Have a look at this month’s featured designer’s work, and let me know if you agree.


PS: For even more gorgeous interior ideas, don’t miss last month’s style stalk!


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How To Select The Right Paint Finish For Each Room


Based off the popularity of past paint color posts, and on the number of questions which follow them, today I thought I’d discuss several tips on how to select the right paint finish.


A foyer staircase which illustrates different options on How to Select the right paint finish.


How To Select The Right Paint Finish For Each Room


A fresh coat of paint can transform any room and breathe new life into your home.

Of course, most people consider painting to be the ultimate do-it-yourself project, so people tend to make their own paint choices and paint the rooms themselves.

If you’re doing this yourself, it’s important that you do your research on which paint type will work best for your particular room.

This depends on a number of factors from the lighting to the floor color, but one of the biggest factors is the finish of the paint.

Different paint types will result in a completely different look.

By following these tips you’ll have everything you need to make whatever room you’re making over sensational.


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