Gift Ideas For Teen Girls

Had to update my most popular gift guide during cyber week – gift ideas for teen girls!

So let’s get into these – it’s also a fun one to put together;)

collage of gifts for teen girls

hoodie sweatshirt  //  star lounge set   //  mini gold hoops //  backpack  //  perfume  //  cropped sweatshirt  //  loafers


Gift Ideas For Teen Girls


Once again, I had my teenage daughter help me put this gift guide together.

Making these teen girls gift ideas all teen girl created and approved!

We have a range of gift ideas at different prices and no “too short” anything!


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Comfortable and Stylish Travel Outfit Idea

If you’re on the hunt for a comfortable and stylish travel outfit idea, today’s post is for you.

I can be a bit of an anxious traveler…so I like to make sure I’m put together and comfortable on the outside.

This way I can at least look the part of a calm and cool collected jet setter…

It’s sort of my “fake till you make it” approach to travel days.

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Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Friday!

floral centerpiece


It feels like our social calendar went from zero to one hundred over night…

And then before you know it, it’s Thanksgiving week already…crazy!

We’re going to be traveling next week, and I have yet to do one thing to get organized.

I’ve got my work cut out for me this weekend.

In the meantime…

Here’s what caught my eye these past few days…

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