Five Unique Ways To Decorate A Two Story Foyer

Two story foyer decorating ideas…let’s get into it!

Even though I already have a post dedicated to front entry design tips, today I’m specifically addressing the decorating dilemma two story foyers present.

interior front entry with long staircase.

This post came as a result of a few thoughtful reader questions regarding the specific decorating needs of a 2 story foyer design layout.

Two Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

Styling the tall walls of a two-story foyer can be quite an interior design challenge, even for experienced interior designers.

With the height of two floors to decorate, it’s time to really think outside the box to make this entire space a welcoming and stylish introduction to the rest of your home.

Since this open space is the first thing your guests will see when they enter your home, it’s important to get it right in order to make a good first impression.

Get ready to discover 5 unique ways to use interior design tricks to make this large area a true reflection of your unique sense of style. 

colorful art on wall in two story foyer.

1: Create A Gallery Wall In Your Two Story Foyer

One of the best two story foyer decorating ideas is to dedicate one wall space to displaying all your family photos or some interesting wall art.

This will instantly add personality and warmth to your two-story foyer.

A gallery wall focuses your attention on one wall.

This one tip will make this large entrance to your home seem more cozy.

It creates such a welcoming entryway for your guests.

But to prevent this interior design trick from looking too cluttered, make sure to invest in a selection of matching or coordinating frames.

Find more ideas on how to decorate staircase walls.

In addition, be sure to have your family photos or even travel snaps professionally printed by a high quality photo studio. 

In our two story foyer we went with simple silhouettes of our kids on our staircase wall.

We selected different bright colors for each one for added oomph.

Also, worth noting is how the wainscoting panels we added here provide an extra visual element to the high walls which really helps to break it up.

2: Use a large mirror in Your 2 Story Foyer

Another way to transform a large foyer is to incorporate a beautiful tall mirror into the space.

Since you already have the height in your entryway space, you can invest in large gorgeous mirror,

If your two-story foyer has large glass windows above or beside the entrance door, use this to your advantage.

A mirror is a great way to bounce natural light around your entrance hall.

To do this, buy a couple of large mirrors and hang them strategically to allow the natural light to flow freely to your living room and even through to your kitchen.

This is more easily achieved if you have an open plan home, since doorways won’t be able to block the light from illuminating other rooms. 

wrought iron chandelier in front entry.

3: Add Elegance To Your Foyer With A Large Chandelier 

If you want to add glamour to your two-story foyer, this area is a great space to hang a large, chic chandelier in your entrance.

A foyer chandelier will certainly be a wow factor for your guests.

And, this dazzling focal point will also help make the area feel more intimate.

Your extra high ceiling won’t seem as high after all. 

4 : Use Rugs And An Entry Table

If your two-story foyer is as long as it is high, consider adding textured area rugs that feature bright colors to zone off parts of the room.

A beautiful Persian runner in royal blue or other bold colors can add a sophisticated touch to your entryway and will beckon your guests into your home.

Alternatively, an olive green rug placed across your doorway can zone off the entrance to the home, from the rest of the hall.

Add an area rug under a console table or small table close to the front door.

This will create a home for those grab and go items, such as keys, wallets, purses and phones. 

Your foyer space is also a great spot to add a few intentional decor items.

However, be sure to keep the entry space uncluttered for a fresh look.

black staircase banister in two story foyer.


Hope you got some great ideas for your own two story foyer or entrance here today.


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