The Best Gifts Under $50. {2020}

The best gifts under $50.

This is one of my favorite gift guides to put together every year!

12 of the best gift ideas all under $50.

Peanut Butter Sampler from Uncommon Goods  //  L’Ombre dans l’Eau & Baies Holiday Gift Set  (a/k/a the perfect gift in my opinion)  // Lumina Ice Bucket  // 

Golden Charcuterie Knife Set  //  Personalized Gold Christmas Ornament  //  Canton Collection Blue and White Lidded Candle  //  Amber and Clove Candle  //  

This Took Forever Cross Stitch Kit  //  Empire State and Chrysler Building Salt and Pepper Set  //  Vesa Faux Shearling Clog  //  Gold Bamboo O Keychain



I can’t believe we’re already fully into the second week of November.

Although it feels more like spring around here… no complaints!

It’s time to start getting organized for the holiday season, at least in terms of holiday shopping.

So, today we’re talking about beautiful and thoughtful gift ideas – all under fifty dollars.



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Home Decorating Ideas On A Budget

How to decorate a house with no money?

Today I’m going to give you all of the best home decorating ideas on a budget.

Over the years, this question comes up again and again…


how to decorate a house with no money


Tips for People Decorating Their Home on a Budget


We all love beautiful things.

Unfortunately, beautiful things are also usually quite expensive.

However, with a little creativity, you can make your home beautiful on a tight budget.

Interior design is a fantastic way to express yourself and create an environment where you’re comfortable.

It’s easy to get carried away by Instagram posts and Pinterest boards and feel like you have to spend a lot of money to design your perfect space.

Of course, those perfectly styled rooms filled with expensive home decor items are so inviting. But there are plenty of ways you can decorate your house if you’re on a tight budget.

These are a few time tested budget friendly home decorating ideas.

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How to Style Throw Pillows On A Couch

If you’re wondering how to style throw pillows on your couch, today’s post is for you!

Let’s break it down…

textured throw pillows styled on a neutral couch

How to Style Throw Pillows on a Couch


When you’re putting the finishing touches on your living area, throw pillows are the best way to top things off.

Decorative pillows are the perfect way to add color and texture to any room.  

And, to make things even better,they’re easily interchangeable.

It’s an easy switch to change decorative pillows on your couch or sectional sofa and give your room a whole new look.

If you’re looking for a way to change your living room, throw pillows are of course, a perfect option.


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