Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Friday!

floral centerpiece


I’m feeling so excited for summer – love this time of year.

In the meantime…

Here’s what caught my eye these past few days…

Love the soft neutral pattern on this chic lumbar pillow.

The perfect transitional weather cardigan.

A few of my favorite home decor accessories.

This classic (and GORGEOUS) cardigan is under $100.!

If you too, are craving some really good Challah French toast…

Just ordered this pretty lotion and soap dispenser set.

The slim sleek outlet solution from my stories this week.

Wallpaper patterns which will stand the test of time.

Will always love an A-line summer top.

vignette on kitchen table with wine bottle and flowers.

J.Crew’s newest pieces are just SO good!

The adorable summer clutch I just ordered.

The 50 Best Movies To Watch On Netflix Right Now.

If you’re looking for a cute black summer dress.

Very into wide leg, cropped, flowy pants these days.

The most charming London flat home tour.

A cozy and colorful decorative blanket.

How cute are these versatile, scalloped shelves?!

This beautiful vanity case is such a perfect gift idea.

Love this denim shirt, and it’s currently on sale.

Currently eyeing this terrycloth beach bag.

Year after year, these white jeans always deliver!


This Week’s Bestsellers:

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