Wallpaper Trends 2024

What are the best wallpaper trends?

As we head into the new year, I thought I’d revisit this post from a few years back and update it to reflect the best in wallpaper design today.

Since wallpaper is one of my favorite design elements, I’m pretty excited to talk about wallpaper trends today!

blue and white bathroomQuadrille Wallpaper in our blue and white bathroom.

Top Wallpaper Trends For 2024

So, what exactly are the very best wallpaper trends for this year?

I’m SO glad you asked:)

Some people say wallpaper is back in style, but in my opinion, it’s an interior design trend which never went out!

Trends in wallpaper designs come and go, but there’s so many beautiful wallpaper coverings to choose from these days, I thought it might be helpful to narrow it down to the best ones.

Hopefully this post will help to illustrate why the interior design world loves to use wallpaper so much.

bamboo mirror from Serena and LilySerena and Lily Granada Wallpaper in our past beach house project.

Wallpaper is one of my favorite design elements to use in a room, it’s really such a great option.

For starters, wallpaper can provide lot of “bang for your buck” in terms of changing up the look of a space.

​Especially when it comes to powder rooms – or most small spaces..

It’s also a lot of fun to embrace the idea of an entire room covered entirely in pattern or texture.

No matter what your home decor style is, wallpaper can be incredibly versatile.

If you’re looking to incorporate texture into your interiors, wallpaper can be an easy way to do this.

It’s also the perfect way to create a “wow moment” in a small space, like a powder room or closet.

This is actually one of my favorite ways to use wallpaper in the home.

The following are some time tested top picks as well as some of the chicest new options and top wallpaper ideas out there.

I’ve also included photos of paper we’ve actually used in our home.

I think it’s SO helpful to be able to see what a wallpaper print looks like in situ…

Don’t you?

However my wish list of wallpapers for future projects is practically endless…that’s how much I love to use wallpaper!

wallpaper in bathroom from Serena and Lily site for designer looksSerena and Lily Palm Wallpaper from our beach house renovation.

Is Wallpaper Coming Back?

Depending on who you ask, it never really went out of style.

Some of the prints from the 80s and 90s may look and feel dated…

However, most interior designers will tell you, wallpaper as a design element is still going strong and will continue to do so in the future.

Now that we got that burning question out of the way, let’s look at some of the hottest ideas in wallpaper right now!

1. Geometric Patterns

Graphic prints and geometric shapes are very hot design ideas in wallpapers right now.

These bold patterns in different colors lend a playful, modern look to almost any space.

Geometric paper is such a great way to add a lot of personality to even the smallest of rooms.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Art Deco inspired prints, these look so elegant and sophisticated in any space.

If you ‘re not sure where to start, when shopping for graphic papers, look for bold color patterns on a neutral or white background.

Chances are you’ll find several fabulous choices to enhance your walls beautifully.

Below find a few fun graphic and geometric wallpaper options.

Graphic and Geometric Print Wallpaper Picks With a Modern Twist

Best Wallpaper TrendsBrett Design Wallpaper

2. Murals

Traditional wall murals have inspired wallpaper which looks just as good, if not better than a painted wall mural.

Mural wallpapers have been around forever, but they’re having such a moment right now.
New designs like large scale floral wallpapers fall under this trend as well and can also look very modern.
Something to consider if you love the look of floral prints.
Wallpaper murals can be a cost effective way to get a high end painted mural wall look in your home.

This works beautifully in any room, even a small room like a powder room.

mural wallpaper in dining room

I love how they create an instant mood in a space.
When we moved to our new home, I knew right away I wanted a calm, scenic mural scene in our dining room.
Seen in the photo above, I love the overall visual interest this paper gives to this space.

From fun abstract murals, to natural elements and even architectural themes, there’s a mural paper for every style these days.

Below are a few mural wallpapers I’m currently loving.
Another somewhat related idea to this: framed Chinoiserie wallpaper panels.
Interior Designer Mural Wallpaper Picks:
mural wallpaper in dining roomSusan Harter Mural Paper in our dining room.

Head over to see our newly finished dining room featuring this gorgeous hand painted mural paper.

3. Textural/ Grass Cloth

It’s no secret I love grass cloth wallpaper, especially in a bedroom or on a ceiling! (Find more ideas for wallpapered ceilings here.)
If you’re not looking to add a lot of prints or dark colors to a space, grass cloth papers are a really great alternative to pain and a popular choice for this reason.
In recent years these textural papers have become such popular choices.
I also love the look of natural materials these papers lend to a room.
The added texture from these papers can make a room feel so warm and inviting.
These papers seem to lend themselves to a modern style mid-century vibe, but truly they look great with all different types of interior design styles.
There’s also some great faux suedes, printed grass cloths and other textured papers that can really elevate the look of any room in your home.
Below are a few favorite textural wallpapers.
Textured Wallpaper and Grass Cloth picks:
grass cloth Best Wallpaper TrendsBedroom Wallpaper Ideas – Phillip Jeffries Bermuda Hemp Ecru Wallpaper

4. Palm Beach Style

Leafy, tropical prints and floral designs reminiscent of the Palm Beach area are very much on trend right now.

Many of these beautiful papers tend to be nature inspired.

Think botanical prints and bright colors.

From floral patterns, Chinoiserie themes to bamboo motifs and all tropical nature-inspired prints, these quirky, bold patterns are instant mood lifters.

Whether it’s a small powder room or a long hallway and beyond – infusing your home with this sunny, Floridian vibe always lends a lighthearted, creative feel to any space.

Try out a feature wall or accent wall with paper if a whole room is too much of a commitment to these unique designs.

Tropical Patterns and Palm Beach Style Wallpaper Picks:

Martinique banana leaf wallpaper in bathroomMartinique Wallpaper in our vacation home


Regardless of your design style, if you’re looking to add anything from bright jewel tones, striped wallpaper, to a bold floral or even a fun new print to your home, wallpaper is not for the faint of heart.

However, the end results are often fabulous.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to trends in wallpaper patterns.

And, if you’re looking for the quick fix of a self stick wallpaper, be sure to check out these prints!

With this type of removable wallpaper, you can still make a bold statement, without the big commitment.

Hopefully this post on popular trends for modern wallpaper designs has inspired your own wallpaper choices and will help you pick the right wallpaper for your personal style.

If you’re looking for even more wallpaper and general interior design possibilities, be sure to check out these other posts by clicking on each title below-

And, as always, the “our home” section on the top of this blog will take you to all the posts and pics of my home and living spaces, many of which are wallpapered rooms!

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  1. Carolyn wrote:

    Hi! Just discovered your blog. It’s great! I am considering Serena and Lily Granada wallpaper in Washed Indigo/Sky for my powder bath. There are no windows in that room, do you think that color will be okay in a room with no natural light? Thank you!

    Published on 5.21.22 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Yes! The bathroom we used it in had no windows..only a transom window above the door.

      Published on 5.23.22 · Reply
  2. Gray wrote:

    I love wallpaper! Especially textured paper. I have a Schumacher paper in my dining room that is printed on string. I have a woven raffia paper in my powder room that is an aqua houndstooth. I am getting ready to put up a Peter Dunham starburst paper in my upstairs hall bath, and a S&L print on the ceiling in my laundry. After that, a pretty paper in my new master bath and hopefully a bright grasscloth in my foyer. LOVE IT!

    Published on 12.11.20 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      These all sound so beautiful!

      Published on 12.11.20 · Reply
  3. Mary Chung wrote:

    I admire your oval dining table and was wondering if you could share where I might buy a similar one.

    Published on 2.11.20 · Reply
    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks so much. It’s about 17 years old, so I don’t remember. It was an antique though. You might try One Kings Lane, I’ve seen similar ones there!

      Published on 2.11.20 · Reply