Weekend Wrap Up



Today is day 37 for us sheltering in place. Woe. 37 days.

I just started counting about two days ago. Might not have been my best idea.

Anyway, not much else to say about this situation, which we’re ALL IN to some degree.

Although I’m curious about other parts of the country.

We live in the NY metropolitan Tri-state area, one of the worst hot spots in the country, as I’m sure you’re aware.

But, what does your neck of the woods look like these days?

Are you all sheltering in place?

I’m genuinely curious! Thanks and stay safe! xx


Now on to some much lighter things…



Have you listened to Paloma Contreras’ new podcast, The Style Files, yet?


How to find the best home decor on Etsy.


Beautiful “NO IRON” bedding all on sale!


Derry Girls is my latest Netflix binge. (two thumbs up!)


Broke down and treated myself to this cashmere hoodie on sale and also this eyebrow serum.


8 Classic Decor Pieces For Your Home.


Ariel Okin’s new collection for Society Social is absolutely stunning!





A very pretty Greek Key doormat.


How to make your towels feel new and fluffy again.


This pretty little box caught my eye this week.


All about Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White Wall Paint.


Super cozy pajama pants.


Trying out this flourless peanut butter cookie recipe this weekend.


Have you seen Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James collab with Land’s End? It’s pretty cute!


Face masks as Fashion Statements…




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  1. Tina wrote:

    Hi…love your blog. A highlight of my day providing me with so many tips….white trim — a huge thanks! My afternoon smoothie obsession —-OMG I am hooked and so much more!

    I live outside of Detroit (a la hot bed top 3 also)! If it’s it this virus it’s the most awful weather we are having that will do me in. Sad this years Spring Break was cancelled this week, as it would have been the perfect week for southern sunshine. I know petty in these times but it seems like a little sunshine always helps.

    Published on 4.17.20 · Reply
  2. Hi Sue- I always look forward to your weekend wrap up posts. I am on day 35, Charlotte, NC had a shelter in place order two weeks before the rest of NC. Keep hopeful! xo

    Published on 4.17.20 · Reply
  3. Judy wrote:

    I’m not sure how many days we have been on shelter in place, but it is at least 5 weeks. I’m in Grand Rapids MI and our state’s restrictions are some of the strictest in the nation. Stores can’t sell paint, furniture, flooring, gardening supplies including plants etc. People owning two or more homes within the state cannot go between the two. People with boats cannot use them, even for fishing. Basically, no leaving your residence unless getting gas, groceries or prescriptions.
    I do not want to see anyone else get sick, but I really want to be able to buy my plants, even if someone else picks them out and we have a no contact pick-up. My heart breaks when I see the food lines throughout the nation, because these hardworking people are all laid off.
    Of course…I have no answer for what is the best solution. It’s all so sad.

    Published on 4.17.20 · Reply
  4. Barnali Guha wrote:

    i am in Dallas Texas and yes we have a few cases and shelter in place guidelines. I think that we are not in crisis mode yet and that could be due to everyone staying indoors. Kids are attending school via Zoom and we all work from home. Grocery stores shut early and check out lines are long but people are spaced out 6 feet. Every home on our street can win Yard of the Month this time!!

    Published on 4.17.20 · Reply
  5. Sara Dodson wrote:

    Sheltering in place here in a suburb of Dallas. Our governor refuses to offend Dear Leader so we have a patchwork of rules since all of our closures have been due to our counties and cities stepping up. I am thankful for their leadership. Our local Lowe’s and Home Depots are open so people are flocking there to buy plants which doesn’t seem the smartest. But our local nurseries are offering curbside pickup which I have taken advantage of. Heartbreaking seeing all of the food lines. I’m afraid we will be on lockdown much longer if they do not get ramped up on testing. But we are hanging in here.

    Published on 4.17.20 · Reply
  6. Pam wrote:

    I live in the San Joaquin Valley in California. Our area has not been affected as hard as other parts of the state. Actually, we’ve been officially quarantined since March 19th, though I took it seriously when the Bay Area shut down earlier.
    Home safe. Hope y’all are too.

    Published on 4.20.20 · Reply