An Unbiased Review of Ruggable Rugs and Runners

Today I’m giving you my unbiased review of Ruggable rugs and runners.

Along with the pros and cons I’ve included a few of my top picks of different designs from the brand.

You can find them at the bottom of this post if you scroll through…

Honest Review of Ruggable Rugs

Over a year ago I was shopping for traditional rugs and runners for my home when I got an opportunity to work with Ruggable on a sponsored Instagram post.

It’s now outside of the contractual time frame and I’m no longer obligated to speak about Ruggable, one way or another.

However, since I tend to get A LOT of questions anytime I show my kitchen with the Ruggable runner in it – and yes, spoiler alert, it’s still there to this day, I thought I’d dedicate a full blog post to answering all of these questions with an honest review.

If you’re in the market for a new rug, today’s your lucky day

What are Ruggable Rugs?

First up, let’s discuss what exactly are Ruggable Rugs?

Ruggable rugs are machine washable rugs.

They’re made from a thin, polyester blend fabric.

Basically it’s two layers and the top layer is designed to fit into a standard washing machine and dryer – on low heat.

They have water resistant backing that lays on top of a super grippy rubbery rug pad.

(The bottom layer pad reminds me of yoga mats.)

Ruggable Review: Pros and Cons of Ruggable Washable Rugs

The following are my own opinions of the pros and cons of Ruggable rugs.


Removable Washable Ruggable rug covers.

They have a water resistant, removable cover.

It stays in place on the floor on a grippy, velcro-like rug pad that you can detach when ready to wash.

It’s perfect for under a dining room table or in dining rooms where food is often spilled.

For me, I wanted to protect our hardwood floors in our kitchen by our sink and dish washer area, so I went with a Ruggable runner.

It turned out to be the perfect rug for what I was looking for.

Interchangeable Covers Allow You to Achieve A Different Look

The covers are interchangeable.

If you ever tire of your Ruggable product, you can get a a different pattern and still use the existing pad.

Thereby saving a bit of money.

Super Grip Non-Slip Pad

The pad doesn’t budge on our hardwood floors.

All of our previous runners tended to slip around a lot.

However, the Ruggable pad is very grippy making this runner a safer and more secure option.

Perfect for high traffic areas.
Ruggable’s rugs are very easy to vacuum with a regular vacuum, robot vacuum or even a hand held vacuum.

They are also super easy to spot clean with a damp rag or sponge if you don’t feel like tossing the whole thing in the wash.

Abstract print on area rug in contemporary room.


Tricky Installation

The first time I tried to lay down our runner I had a very hard time getting the bottom layer non-slip rug pad to align just right.

In fact, it took me several attempts to get it right.

This was not something I was expecting.

You need to get a perfect fit or it won’t look right.

I think if you know this going into it you’ll be better off.

Also, for a smaller rug, this might not be an issue at all.

Complicated Return Policy

While I haven’t personally returned anything to Ruggable, according to the Ruggable website return policy, rugs can be returned for a full refund.

However, keep in mind the processing fees will not be refunded with it.

Also, keep in mind the returned item MUST be in new condition.

Ruggable Review Final Verdict

My final verdict is I think it’s a beautiful rug and a great concept.

Our kitchen runner has held up great.

If you have young kids or you are pet owners and you’re considering this purchase I would say go for it.

When Jeneva Bell, the founder of Ruggable came up with this washable feature – she was really on to such a great idea.

So many manufacturers are jumping on this bandwagon now, but personally I’d stick with the original.

Living Room with rectangle table.

Favorite Ruggable Rug Designs

I rounded up a few of my favorite designs below – including some of the newer outdoor rugs which they now offer.


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