Beach House Renovation: Design Decisions Kitchen And Bath

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Design Decisions For The Kitchen And Bath


It’s time to make some design decisions in our beach house renovation.

So today, I thought I’d bring you up to date on the progress happening in Rhode Island.

Thankfully,there’s been some changes made since my last post on the renovation in May.

The kitchen is slowly starting to come together.

The new island is in and so is our new fridge, the weird dip in the counters has been fixed (see below) the soffits are also going in, as well as new cabinet doors.

So the time has come for me to pick out a sink and faucet!

I know I want to make the kitchen sink a focal point, as it looks out onto a beautiful view and it’s situated sort of in the middle of the room.

An apron skirt seemed like a natural choice, but I had a hard time choosing between stainless steel and a more traditional white farmhouse one.

We had a white cast iron sink in our old home in New York, which I absolutely loved, but ultimately decided to go with a more modern look and picked out this stainless steel flat apron version.

(updated as of January 30, 2021)


Kitchens and Bathrooms

during renovation and construction of kitchen


Here we are mid design and construction, still trying to figure things out!

The kitchen layout, including the kitchen island needs a lot of tweaking here.

This is where most homeowners spend the majority of their time, so I really want to get this right.


bright white traditional kitchen

Let’s talk about the extensive kitchen remodel.

The decision to go with a stainless steel apron sink wasn’t easy and I hope I made the right one.

I also considered not using an apron sink at all and just keeping it a drop in.

Ultimately, I went through all my saved inspiration photos for this project in order to make the final call and came upon this beautiful kitchen (above) by Chango and Co

I’ve been referring to the Chango portfolio a lot during this process!

I also decided to use these white painted glass subway tiles, similar to the ones we have here in Connecticut, but in a pattern just like the image above.


farmhouse sink with brass faucet


Next came the faucet decision.

Faucets are also a big part of the focal point factor. I had already picked out this brass semi flush mount to hang above the sink, so I knew there’d be some mixed metals happening already in the kitchen.

Having loved this faucet from local builder Hendricks Churchill for quite some time, I decided to find something similar for this kitchen.

I went with this brass faucet from Rohl. It looks a lot like the one we have in our kitchen here Connecticut, which I love!

Fingers crossed it all comes together the right way…

Still working our way through various materials for countertops.

If you are too, don’t miss marble vs. quartz counters – it’s a pretty informative post.


les touches wallpaper in powder roomimage via Amie Corley Interiors


Next up is the guest bathroom.

I talked about different wallpaper choices back in April and actually wound up not going with any of the ones I was thinking about!

It was some very helpful comments which led me to choose Bruschwig and Fils’ Les Touches in navy.

I’ve talked extensively about this print before, a favorite of interior designers, I really love it so much.

We even have it in an alcove up on our third floor/finished attic.

But since there’s no natural light/windows in this bathroom, I’m a little nervous about how it’s going to look!

I’m adding white panel wainscoting to this bathroom in an effort to brighten it up and we’re also putting in a transom window above the door, to bring in some light.

Pinterest for the win on this decision!


transom window above door


Finally, I just finished picking out the faucets for the bathroom.

I went with polished nickel and here’s what I chose.

This faucet for the sink and this one for the shower.

The floor tiles are going to be navy penny rounds, the vanity will be a plain white cabinet and the shower will be plain white subway tiles.

If I’m forgetting anything, you can always find the status of this project in my Instagram highlights!


Kitchen and Bath Design Decisions

Design decisions for a kitchen and bath can get exhausting and overwhelming.

Like any large task, it’s always best to break it up into smaller decisions whenever possible.

Don’t let the decision fatigue here steal your joy!




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    It is very exciting step by step and decision making in the decoration of your beach house. It will be spectacular, sure. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Carolyn wrote:

    You have exquisite taste. I am sure whatever you decide will be beautiful!

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    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks so much Carolyn!

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  3. I love what you chose, Sue. So excited to follow this renovation along. It’s going to be gorgeous!

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    • Sue De Chiara wrote:

      Thanks so much Shelley!

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